How Not To Respond To The Paris Truck Attack

How not to respond to the Paris Truck Attack……Another atrocious act.  What is our world coming to?  The obvious sentiment of millions of people around the world after this most recent attack.   Horrified disbelief at yet another act of terror.While it is a natural human reaction to want to respond with words of anger and rage that is not how we should respond to this most recent atrocity.It is only with heightened awareness that we can continue living powerfully and looking at the evil that permeates in an empowered way. That awareness is a foundational knowing that there are miserable people who do things to get a reaction out of other people.  When we respond in rage and anger and accuse an entire religion for the actions of one or two enraged perpetrators we give fuel to their fire.  The hateful reactions and calling out of all Muslims is exactly their goal and agenda.  We shall not partake or give so easily to the sick desirous hopes of lost and tormented souls.  We must understand that life will continue bringing atrocities to our doorsteps and love will always prevail.  Our reaction must be of sympathy and empathy for the victims and pitiful empathy for the twisted attackers who are so desperate for attention at any means necessary.  We cannot feed their fire.  We cannot react with malice and hate.  We must respond from a higher consciousness. We must unify and continue living in our power.  We must continue to pray and hope for the best and pray for the pained and grieving.  We must continue living freely and act powerfully to ward off evil.  Living powerfully comes only with love, never with hate.  By hating we stoop to the low levels of the bottom feeders among us.  We mustn’t stoop.  We have a moral and ethical obligation to all of our fellow beings to see foolishness and evil for what it is.  Evil is born of hate.  Peace and empathy born of love.There is One Supreme Being despite religious differences and the Supreme Being rewards those who love.  We shall not respond to hate with hate.  It does us and the world no good.  We are no longer living in the cave ages and we mustn’t play, an eye for an eye.  We have to continue fighting the good fight.  We have to acknowledge truth with the eyes of love and unity.  If we allow these heinous acts to divide us then we are allowing the evil in this world to prevail.  The whole notion behind such hateful acts is to divide the world.  The acts come from a place of fear and insecurity.  They do not merit our fear and pain turning to rage.  These cowardice acts should invoke empathy and sympathy for all poor souls who take part.  May their maker do to them as He wish.  And I promise you, it’s not the reward of a hundred virgins.Please understand the severity of this anger and rage and let’s not feed into it.  I pray all angry and enraged people find a real and true authentic connection to God and do not use God’s name in vain.  Let’s rise above the hate.  Let’s pray for a peaceful and unified world.  It’s the only way to Love. 

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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