Indian Bohemian Inspiration

b2b0731cb99f3ce4fa9b9dce18616e626d64e8f24b1c131f0d8de3e09a7d9607     7b595e63e528eadcfa0842131a32edc4I’m loving all of the Indian inspiration everywhere.  It’s been happening for years, but in recent seasons is really becoming a main stay or staple element for a lot of designers not just Indian.  The biggest names and lines are all taking inspiration from the 60’s hippie love fest and reigniting that vibe in their creations today.  Bohemia seems to be put into a category of its own, but is very much inspired by Indian iconic fashion, fabrics and detailing. Bohemian style is representative of so much of what is popular today, from the vibrant colors to the big necklaces to all of the hand jewelry.  Bohemian trends are here to stay.  We might just be seeing the beginning of a trend that is not going anywhere fast.Check out Harper’s Bazaar giving us a good sense of what’s up with all of these Bohemian trends.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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