The Downside To Greatness

lebron    Unfortunately there is a downside to greatness.  I still struggle with why some people are unable to find happiness for others, joy in someone else’s glory.  It can really be delightful.  I think especially when you just see the good in people you do delight in seeing people happy and living out their dreams fully.  For me it is a ray of light not shone brightly often enough.  There’s just not enough of it.  Happy people who are truly content and have other happy people in their lives who are happy for them.  Why is it that people don’t smile when you smile back?  Why do people grimace?  I know I have had some really bad days, but I’ve never had the gumption to take it out on someone else.  There is an art to being able to smile even when you’re sad. There is a grace in that.  I was not born with it, but taught it.  I had the luxury, pleasure, honor and exceptional fortune of having a really remarkable woman teach me right from wrong.  My mom was just innately a really good, loving, nurturing and honest woman.  She was at times beyond candidly honest.  And although at times it might’ve not been what I wanted to hear it was what I needed to hear and she knew this.  This inevitably taught me to be authentic with myself and others.  It just felt more liberating.  I think it was a quote by Marilyn Monroe where she eludes to the greatness in being able to be sad on the inside, but act as if you were happy on the outside.The reality is that strangers do not feel your self pity or pain.  Strangers do not care to feel it so it is effortless living in that pain when out and about.  As a believer in vast energy fields I think any kind of pain that is stored to deep or for too long inevitably wants to, tries to and does eventually make it’s way out.  Pain that is not resolved needs an avenue to travel.  It is looking for, hoping for and longing for resolve.  It’s only once it’s resolved fully within that we can release and be totally free of it.  So really the point here being, why live in the pain to the degree that you are unable to go out into the world and grace it with your beauty and glory.  Also what happens is when you let that pain and hurt go even for a moment or a few moments at a time it helps the process of releasing.  It really is wondrous how a little kind gesture by someone or towards someone can help change your entire outlook on that moment, the day and even your tomorrow.When we connect with people on a very human level we begin to step out of ourselves and at the same time into ourselves in a way we cannot do when we are simply focused inward not able to reciprocate a warm smile from a stranger.  I still struggle with this at times, but less and less as I realize that not everyone I smile at is going to smile back at me.  I’ve resigned to this fact, but I promise this will never make me stop smiling.  I will continue smiling at sweet kind souls and the not so sweet unhappy people who refuse to smile back.  Oh well.  It truly is there loss to have sacrificed and given up a moment to freedom and human connectedness that is no longer.  It’s an opportunity to elevate your conscious by connecting to life force and energy force, but I suppose we all are operating at so many different frequencies it’s just not possible.  I imagine a world, a most awesome beautiful world  when everyone you smile at smile at smiles back.  I got off on this tangent because I’ve been watching Lebron James in the finals right now and he is quite remarkable.  He’s so good, so good that he has a world of haters all around him.  How sad that his greatness is met with such negativity.  What makes him even more exceptional is regardless of all of the negative energy from so many people he continues to perform at the highest level and he never stops smiling.  Now that’s pretty awesome.  Perhaps a little lesson in here for all of us.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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