My Favorite Indian Recipes – Powerful Ways To Quarantine

What better time than now to to work on those cooking skills? And what cuisine generally is thought to be the hardest? Yes. Indian.

Although it’s actually not that hard I can see and understand the intimidation factor when you’re a newbie. New things are always a little scary. And whipping up some chicken tikka masala for a first time can seem like a major undertaking, even nearly impossible.

It’s so out of this world you wouldn’t even attempt it until you’re told you should and you can and it’s actually not that hard.

I think it’s the fact that it’s just so exquisite we think we couldn’t possibly recreate such splendor, but in fact – I’m adamant you most certainly can.

And with a little practice you’ll be adding a hint of this, a pinch of that and all sorts of personal flair to your favorite Indian dish.

There are so many great dishes and a lot that many have not even heard of or tried because they are more traditional and not served in Indian restaurants.

I’m sharing my absolute favorite Butter Chicken recipe because it’s one of the most popular Indian dishes. Anyone who’s tried Indian food has heard of Chicken Tikka Masala right? Right. Well this is the more extravagant Chicken Tikka Masala – it’s essentially the exact same thing, but just creamier and richer – It’s always on the menu.


Now here’s the beauty of cooking Indian food. There’s a key component to every Indian recipe. And while it may seem a little overwhelming at first once you get the basics of getting it going down – you’re off and running, definitely on the home stretch.

So what you need to know is that all Indian recipes start with oil or buttter, or even ghee, ginger, onions and garlic. This is the pre-prep and then you’re off to the races.

And once you understand this is the first part of it and get this base layer down you can start throwing in all the other ingredients one at a time and you’ll find it’s actually not that hard at all.

One thing we know – no matter how complicated or daunting the task – once you’ve got it down – it is so worth it.

So first up is my favorite Butter Chicken recipe. You’ll find the ingredients in the description below the video.

Get Curried is the place to go for Indian D.I.Y. – No one is going to make better butter chicken than Bombay chef extraordinaire – Varun Inamdar. This guy knows what he’s talking about, respected and revered – he holds legendary status in Mumbai, i.e. Bombay.

This five minute do-it-yourself Butter Chicken recipe will not only make your mouth water, but will kick those cravings right in.

Number two on my list of top of three is one not too many people are familiar with. It’s a more traditional dish. You can find it in some Indian Restaurants, but not all and not many people know to order it if it is on the menu. It just doesn’t have the kind of notoriety as number one, but it too will leave you in food coma.

This one can be done in a variety ways – down to the meat and other additions – I’ve seen it with peas, but also with potatoes. It’s to die for and one of my absolute favorites. I’m sure to order it whenever I see this on the menu.

Easy to make and so worth any fear, apprehension or trepidation. Get over it and get to cooking your Keema.

Some garlic naans will set this meal over the edge. You’ll find the ingredients listed in the description below the video and a step by step breakdown.

Another variation of KeemaAnother variation of Keema

Another variation of Keema

Dal - Lentil SoupDal - Lentil Soup

Dal – Lentil Soup

Next Up – is Punjabi Tadka Dal – I grew up on this stuff so it’s a must share. Not only is it delicious – it’s super healthy. It’s a popular Indian dish. Dal – your basic lentils is always on the menu – but Punjabi Dal has got a little more of a kick to it. This is not just your plain Jane typical dal you’ve thrown down with some naan at your favorite Indian buffet.

My favorite Indian buffet spot – Himalayan Cuisine. More on them in another story.

Punjabi dal is the king of dals. It’s more flavorful, it’s the souped up version of Dal. And while this could quickly turn into a North vs South battle – I’ll just close by saying I saved the best for last.

Dal no matter the region or the flair is a fairly easy one well worth the preparation.

So wether you’re just bored and have been meaning to start trying something new you know as well as I this is the time my friends. I’ve been adding all sorts of things to my repertoire during this sacred time that is pushing us all inward. I know we are collectively thinking in more deeper ways. We’re slowing down.

And one of the ways I’ve been slowing down is by stretching myself just a little each day. And that requires really intentionally slowing down. So whether it’s a new recipe or cuisine or learning something new online I’m pushing myself a little more and I’m able to just be with whatever the outcome.

More meditation is giving me even more patience and the ability to accept better. And I’m taking it all in moment to moment and doing my best to live more powerfully and fully in each moment. I hope you are too.

To your next meal or your first home cooked Indian dish – may it be full of color, spices, flavors that burst in your mouth and splendor that bursts in your heart. No matter – just make sure you be with it – fully.


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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.