Hubris – The Perfect End – Coming Full Circle

What could be more perfect than the absolute perfect art of coming full circle?  Hubris the perfect end.It would be the perfect end to him.  His naivete profound.  Some say there is even a brilliance to it.  His reality and delusions astounding to the entire world, even his supporters, but silenced are they in fear of admitting their own stupidities in believing the lies.  How does a man stand in his own truth when being lead by a liar?  Where does he find conviction?  We must have restitution.  What would I find in my overinflated ego?  What preservation is there of my soul in the oblivion I live in he must ask himself?  How can I be so self-serving and so-oblivious?  My narcissism would clearly be the inevitable undoing of no-one, but myself.The Gods rejoiced in this particular circumstance.  Generally, They’d be devastated at the self-destruction the ego brings, but in this particular instance and the karma that awaited such maniacal audacity, even the God’s rejoiced in his untethering before the whole world to see.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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