Sugar Rush – Compliments of Tara’s Organic Creamery

cone2It’s one of the simple joys in life, ice cream.  It can all be pretty spectacular really.  If you love ice cream you may have the tendency to love all ice cream or lots of different ice cream, but much like food there are good eats and great eats.  Then there are good treats and great treats.  Tara’s ice cream is not your average run of the mill ice cream parlor.  It’s an exceptional creamery serving up some of the best ice cream ever with flavors you will not find just anywhere.  Extravagant and worldly flavors like white pepper chip and garam masala, cardamom and sage, rose petal and even guava sorbet are some signature staples.  While Adzuki black sesame, avocado, beet balsamic, lemon curd, lemon grass and yerba mate are a few of the more exquisite flavors.  Dozens more are rotated throughout locations year round.  You never really know what flavors are up until the very moment when you’re in the neighborhood or called to by overwhelming  cravings for Tara’s.  Yes you will crave it once you have it.  With two brick and mortar creameries in Oakland and Berkeley and The Tara’s Organic Trike – the creamery makes its rounds.  The trike makes it way around the two cities and can also be found frequenting a lot of the major haps in Oakland and Berkeley.  With an abundance of restaurants, bistros, bakeries and creameries we’re a little spoiled when it comes to eateries.  Tara’s turns the spoiled quotient up by several notches.  You won’t find another ice cream shop like this one.  This ice cream truly takes the cake.  This place is heaven on earth for the sugar seeker among us.  The ice cream is all organic and slow churned with a mediocre, but some might say “hefty little price tag.”  A medium scooped cone will set you back a little more than $6, worth every penny.  This small business is truly one of kind and goes head to head with all of the great creameries in the bay, yes even Bi-Rite.  For more on Tara’s.  You can also find a handful of retailers for some take home Tara’s.  Although I prefer the in-house fresh baked cone with a scoop or two to curb those cravings.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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