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There are legends and then there are legends. There are small fish and big fish. Rick Rubin is a larger than life big fish in the biggest pond on so many levels. He transcends music with his deeper understanding of the soul. Meanwhile he hosts a body of work that very few can contend with.

Rick Rubin


A legend is someone who leaves a profound legacy. An artist who creates beauty with great majesty. The creative who walks the earth in search of inspiration to create more abundance and put out more profundity in this world. 

He is legend in his industry and he is at the top of his game in life. 


To list all of the awesomeness Rick Rubin has created would be a long list and I will certainly share a portion of some of my favorites here in this post. Rick Rubin’s wikipedia is worth exploring. It’s lengthy and history making.

And certainly he is legend having created some of the greatest hits of all time. My favorites are listed below, but mind you this is a small sample of his chart topping creations.

The mastermind behind the music is this industry big wig – Def Jam co-founder and artist extraordinaire. 

His credits include – just to name a few – 

  1. L.L. Cool J – Going Back To Cali
  2. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magic
  3. Run DMC – Walk This Way
  4. Jay Z – 99 Problems
  5. Johnny Cash
  6. Metallica – Death Magnetic

Only a legend of epic proportions could produce such an extensive palette. Jay Z, Johnny Cash and Metallica. The enormity of talent one must house to work with such a range of musicians and paint hit after hit with such a board brush is no minor feat. 

There will never be another Rick Rubin. 


However, it’s not even his music, well ok his music has something to do with it, however this great man stretches into the far reaches of the soul beyond the world of poetry he has created through the medium of music. His own evolution as a modern day Yogi is what captivates us the most.

The wonder with which he graces the land and moves about, a shoeless hippie who grounds himself into the earth as a way of feeling more fully and coming more to life. The deep practice of meditation he is committed to makes him even more exceptional at his craft. He shares his elevated understanding of presence and being all in with the artists he works with. They in turn are better for it. They sense and feel his charisma, his calm, his stature and his enormity in his silence. 

It’s his desire to want to go deeper in order to have deeper awareness. Now this is where a human being becomes remarkable and transforms his status. When you are a gifted creative and are given worldly success in the form of wealth and accolades most would call it quits there, however this sage is in search of more. He knows it’s this deeper awareness that allows the profundity and levels of creativity that come to him in this deeper space. He knows that without this deeper awareness there would be a hollowness and a shallowness he’d be chasing versus the surrender that comes with sitting in silence. In that silence we don’t chase, but we are met with greater awareness. We allow it to come in at it’s own pace through messages, sounds, signals, visions, thoughts, awareness, profundity, grandeur far greater than the eye can see.

 Watch Rick Rubin tapping into Nowness.

While Rick Rubin did not produce the Wu Tang – they come from the same era. Check out our previous post – Growing Up On The Wu Tang Clan.


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