Salmon Like I’ve Never Had It Before

wildfishdinnerSo this is truly the most exceptional salmon I’ve ever had.  I’m up on the Mendocino Coast for a quick getaway.  This is my favorite coastline in California and this might just be my favorite place for seafood.  It’s an exquisite cut of Salmon glazed and cooked to perfection.  When I say Salmon like I’ve never had it before I’m referencing the skin that is cooked and crispied and meant to eat.  That’s what you see on top.  It’s the skin.  The dish is served with a pesto puree glaze seen spread across the plate, roasted potatoes and chopped asparagus.  So where did I have this awesome meal?  Wild Fish.  This is incredible dining on the coast.  You won’t find better seafood.  Wild Fish while not cheap, but also not super expensive boasts a mega 4.5 rating on trip advisor, but a 4 on yelp.  That’s a great rating for anyone who relies on its reviews.  Not only was the salmon done in a way I had not had before, but the overall experience; meal, wine pairing was beyond exquisite.  If you’re ever in this neck of the woods don’t hesitate to shell out a $70 for a nice and very tasty meal.  And if you get there early enough you might just land a table with a view.  Ahhhh.  The good life.When I say $70 that’s including a salad, dinner, wine and tip.  Not bad for extravagance and maybe one of the best meals I’ve ever had.  In the top 3 for sure.  I’ve paid more for food, but for this price this dinner takes the cake.

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