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sundayreflectionEnergy in all it’s fullness and glory is abundant and ever present.  Ever since I started studying meditation and Reiki in particular I have a new found respect for the universe, it’s inhabitants, it’s power and energy.  According to Reiki we are essentially all one.  We are interconnected and all a source of one energy and all the very same energy.  We all are reflecting.  We mirror everything in our immediate circumference.  With this belief in mind we have to become fully mindful and aware of our selves and our ever present energy.  With a complete understanding of our interconnectedness and the power energy plays in that it is up to us to ensure we are spreading a positive frequency full of light.  We have a certain sense of obligation to do this.  In understanding this further we have to understand the subliminal nature of connectivity and receptiveness.  We owe it to ourselves and others to be loving and positive and spread only positive energy.  It takes a complete and total depth of consciousness to really understand the enormity of this.  However without making it sound like an impossible feat I want to be clear in sharing the ease with which one can do this.  It really is quite effortless.  Peace and acceptance are much more natural reactions than counter balancing that frequency.  It’s like frowning, I think people don’t get the energy frequency that spreads and the fact that it takes so much more effort to frown then it does to smile.  It is a much more effortless process and easy to smile and be light and airy.  Not to demean any struggles or hardships one might be going through, but this is the point of philosophy and meditation.  The idea behind it is not to take away or alleviate one of his or her struggles.  That would be impossible.  It is the nature of life to present us with continual struggles.  These struggles, obstacles and challenges are what give us strength and courage.  It is these things that force us to inevitably evolve.  It is our struggles and challenges that force us to go inward and acknowledge and come out stronger.  It’ is through inner self reflection that we transform and become better more powerful and more evolved beings.  It is with love we carry light into the world.  It is through positive energy we carry and spread light and allow that positivity and light to spread beyond.  The point of meditation and contemplation is to find ease and acceptance of the struggle and challenges of life, it’s essential nature.  This is the point.  It’s the like the stunning image we see.  It is a complete and utter representation of life.  It is full of depth and complexity.  It is full of layers.  There are colors, light and dark.  There is an enormity to it that is so intense and then there is a freeing airy space above the clouds where all is free flowing.  This is life or a reflection of our minds perhaps.  Are minds are loaded with thoughts and heaviness.  Then we meditate and arrive at some level of acceptance and our minds feel free and clear of the heaviness that can abound and weigh us down.  Just a little food for the soul.  We owe it to ourselves to be continually evolving and looking for deeper understanding of life and it’s many challenges.  I think the true test is to be a continual seeker, never stop evolving and not let the struggles make us bitter.  We have to continue to be open to love and acceptance in a loving manner no matter how difficult.  Our only choice is LOVE. 

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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