The Psychology of the anti-vaxxer

calm diverse women in flower masks

Anti-vaxxers – what they think and why they won’t vax and why it’s selfish.

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9/11 – 19 Years Later & Still Coping

It’s hard to grapple with time. So fleeting it seems and even harder to imagine it’s been 19 years since one of the most horrific attacks on U.S. soil. 9-11 is one of those days if you are 23 or older – you probably remember well. It’s unforgettable and of course, “we shall never forget.” […]

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Life After The Pandemic – Will It Ever Be The Same?

What will it be like once this is all finally behind us? Will it ever be the same? A lot of theories out there, but of course no substantive certainty of any of it. It’s all speculation really. And at this point things seem to be changing daily – even our leaders have no idea […]

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