Life After The Pandemic – Will It Ever Be The Same?

What will it be like once this is all finally behind us? Will it ever be the same? A lot of theories out there, but of course no substantive certainty of any of it.

It’s all speculation really. And at this point things seem to be changing daily – even our leaders have no idea what tomorrow holds.

Will it ever be like it was? Will we change our social habits? I can’t imagine young people will just stop going to bars and clubs. I can’t imagine a world that does not offer culinary delights with beautiful ambiance and dimly lit fine restaurants with waiting lists.

It’s the world I come from – living in Oakland, a fine dining town with exceptional cuisine, fine bakeries and cafes lining the streets and districts.

Berkeley a bustling college town busy with students from around the world and eclectic folk reading in outdoor cafe gardens.

I can’t imagine no street fairs and music festivals, anti war protests, and the women’s march not happening? It seems so hard to imagine all this. I covered the women’s march last year. Check out the video below.

And so I won’t expend much more energy on that imagining.

What I will say from an intuitive stand point is that while we don’t know when – I certainly do know that inevitably whether it be later rather than sooner we will regain normalcy.

We will get a handle on this and we will be able to live freely and fully again, so in the meantime we should use this time as powerfully and wisely as we can.

And even though it may be a few more months of this before we know we will be able to get back to things as they were.

We will be having a glass of wine at the wine bar downtown in Oakland or eating out at the waterfront in Jack London. We’ll possibly even be taking electric scooter rides. I hear that industry may all together sink with the pandemic and fear of touching dirty scooter handles.

I’m not certain, but I see a beautiful world

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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