Life Without Facebook | Blessing Or A Curse

photo of laptops on top of wooden table

The facebook crash put a big pause on a big chunk of the world. What does this mean for us at large and what did we learn about ourselves from the five hour facebook crash?

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Our Obsession With The Gif

So this is not me, but an actual thing. We’ve become so obsessed with visual content that just the plain old image won’t do anymore. The over stimulation of social media, content, advertising, tech, gadgets and gizmos and total sensory overload is leading us into GIF over-saturation. Yes there’s an app of course. I grew […]

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Too Much Tech

Is all of this tech getting the best of us?  Mo’ Money Mo Problems? Too much technology might just be the root of all evil today. While I’ve been a bit of a tech junkie on and off myself and have a hard time breaking free of my MacBook Pro every now and then, I […]

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