Our Obsession With The Gif


So this is not me, but an actual thing.

We’ve become so obsessed with visual content that just the plain old image won’t do anymore.

The over stimulation of social media, content, advertising, tech, gadgets and gizmos and total sensory overload is leading us into GIF over-saturation. Yes there’s an app of course. I grew up in the days of making your own Jiffy Pop. Yes the unhealthy over saturated with fake butter that’s really bad for you popcorn you’d shake over the stovetop. That seemed pretty fantastical.

Never did I think we would go from making Jiffy to making your own Giphy.

Well how could I? Gif was non-existent then.

It’s our spin on the picture. Our technological way of taking it to the next level. It’s almost 2020 after all and Elon Musk is working more than full time sleeping on the factory floor of his office at Tesla headquarters apparently working on an electric plane? Yes. It’s one of his many ideas he’s rumbling with.

“The exciting thing to do would be some sort of electric vertical takeoff and landing supersonic jet of some kind,” Musk told stand-up comedian and UFC commentator Joe Rogan on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.

A beautiful image alone is just not enough anymore I suppose.

So even when I want to send a simple text the emoji will not do. Not for me, but for others. I’m good with a fist pound emoji.


But it seems like now that we’ve become so dependent on our smart phones and so inundated with images and emojis and the next better whatever we’ll stop at nothing short of a bouncing or moving, dancing emoji or flying emoji. Just the little heart emoji or kissing heart emoji doesn’t suffice.


Sad to say I’m of the mind that less is more. Simplicity is the key I believe.

Where will it stop? What do you anticipate is next? What type of emojis are your favorite?

I really couldn’t resist with this last one. I like the idea of a little old lady with her walker able to defend herself running off a little rascal. Her approach a little aggressive I must say, but for the sake of the article this I thought was a great example of where we are with the GIF.

And I can only imagine where we’re headed. Who knows what’s next?


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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.