The Buddha In Me – The Buddha In You


There’s a Buddha In Me and A Buddha in You.  We come to discover our internal Buddha in, but one way,  through empathy.  Compassion is the greatest means of peace I would ever come to know.  

With this simple yet profound understanding I would dispel all angst, anger, resentment, hurts and alleviate my self of all pain.  I would liberate myself in ways never known to me ever before.  

I would attain freedom, arriving so much closer to what I had always been seeking; freedom and liberation.  Total enlightenment is an on-going process and none of us should claim that.  

Even the most enlightened sages never claimed such a thing.  It was in their sheer humility we see today their total liberation and samadhi.  

Compassion – my sages and gurus would relay this simple answer to attaining freedom over and over again.  This was the way.  The only way to liberating ourselves from all attachments; physical and emotional.It was in this seeing the world through filtered lenses of love and complete and utter empathy for others that I’ve ultimately found my own freedom.  

This is how we all rise and come to know internal peace.  We rise and others meet us up high.  We don’t meet them at their level.  They meet us at ours.  

They are forced to because higher frequencies are the most powerful frequency;  love always has a greater vibrational pull.  In love we act from our power.  

There is nothing more powerful on this planet, than the sheer act and offering of compassionate love.When we process human interactions through filtered lenses of love there is no avenue of offense or defense.  The avenue is simply a stroll in grace.  

This is the very essence of living into our Buddha nature.  

How is it possible to even entertain the thought of offensiveness when everything is perceived in compassion?  

How can I be offended when I am nothing, but compassionate?  

When I see your point of view and interpret the external from an internal space in the corridors of your heart how is it possible I be offended?  I see your pain more prevalent than your offense.  I see your actions as defenseless rather than offensive.  I too am rendered defenseless.  

I have no justification in drawing my armor.  I’m disarmed and in my disarmament I have disarmed you.  We are now one.  So when she screamed at me I saw not anger, but her pain.  I saw not an antagonist, but a victim.  I saw not offense, but grief.  

I heard not screams, but tears.  I saw not rage, but sorrow.  I felt not resentment, but deep empathy.  I am left not offended, but pained, overwhelmed with empathy.  How more powerful can I be?

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