Life – So Full Of Surprises

Life so full of surprises, I could’ve never predicted the outcome of so much in life.  While I had done things from a place of higher awareness a lot of my efforts have been met with opposition or by others acting from lower quadrants.  Perhaps the lesson in this is the pain and acknowledgment of taking the high road with little dividends?  

Perhaps the even greater lesson is expecting no dividends? It’s a lesson in selflessness and compassion to do for the good with little to no reciprocity.  That is the lesson when our higher selves offer ourselves up to the world from a place of love and consideration.  Selflessness abounds in this lesson.

The more I operate from a place of compassion the more I see helping others or offering of myself as a valuable platform for my own soul growth.  It truly is all in our perspective.  

While I may receive no direct reciprocation in the loving there is a deeper alchemical process taking place inside that ultimately makes me better, wiser, stronger, more selfless and more compassionate.  This is a gift in and of itself.  I’m free of hoping for returns.  I’m free of waiting for acknowledgements.  I’m free to move through each action with grace in this act of all knowing pure consciousness.  

We plan for things, but it is the nature of life, our karmic lessons, the tragedy of life that we would be dealt the “unfair hand.”  Who among us holds a fair hearty hand? Please allow me to greet the soul who is free of the burdens of a physical life on this earthly realm in this strange and at times awkwardly painful plane.  

How would we experience any kind of soul evolution if it were not for the downs?  And while the ups are great I think most people bestowed with extremes highs are not afforded the depth of revelation that comes with extreme lows.  I know prior to some of my greatest lows there were many highs I had taken for granted.  It is the nature of the cosmic universe and our soul’s evolutionary process that only through the lowest of lows would we know the true and treasured joys of abundant highs.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.