The Pfizer Boob Job | Is It A Myth?

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The Pfizer boob job – it is a myth?

Apparently not only are some ladies getting protection with the vaccine, but they are seeing sizable other benefits.

Other than gaining protection from Covid-19, it seems that the Pfizer vaccine is bringing new benefits to women around the world. Dubbed as the Pfizer boob job, women are allegedly experiencing this unexpected side effect of breast growth. But is it fact or fiction?

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Young women have taken to social media channels such as TikTok and Twitter to talk about their tits. Sharing their experiences of being vaccinated, many are reporting drastic breast growth shortly after. The trend of sharing your Pfizer boob job has led to those experiencing the side effects encouraging people to get vaccinated. Whilst it is great that it is influencing people to be protected from Covid, is the prospect of bigger boobs the right incentive?

So why does the Pfizer vaccine have these unexpected side effects? Unfortunately for those that have benefited and gained a free boob job, according to scientists, the effect is only temporary and there’s a logical explanation for the breast growth.


The reason is within our biology. When you get a vaccinated, it is commonly given in your upper arm. Alongside slight soreness from such, it’s also common for the lymph nodes in the armpit to swell – and what sits right next to them? Your boobs! Meaning the swelling within the same region can be confused for breast growth.

But what are lymph nodes? A part of your body’s immune system, lymph nodes filter substances that help your body fight infections and disease. The swelling of such is caused by built up lymph fluid as your nodes work to filter out the “bad” cells e.g. an infection, injury or cancer. It’s your body preparing a protective immune response.

I’m not a scientist (shocker) and have not seen any actual evidence for this. I’m also not sure why apparently for some women both breasts have grown when the vaccine is given in one arm. And some women report that their breasts have grown drastically. It seems difficult to believe it’s all swelling from a vaccine, I presume they could have naturally just grown.

As someone who hasn’t been blessed with a sizeable chest and has been given the Pfizer vaccine, I still have a small amount of hope that good things will still happen for me – I say as I see my feminist tendencies fly out the window.

In addition, why isn’t this happening to men? Or is it and they’re not sharing?


Whilst there’s been a focus on the ‘positives’ of the Pfizer vaccine, it’s also causing fears amongst many women as the post-vaccine lymph node swelling replicates breast cancer-like symptoms. 

Doctors have stated that swelling can occur with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The side effect has caused many women to book in mammograms in fear of breast cancer, whilst the Department of Health in Australia has listed the lymph node swelling as a “less common” side effect to calm people’s nerves and make them aware of this possible vaccine side effect.

Another concern held by doctors is that the swollen lymph nodes can trigger a false positive on a mammogram, resulting in the need for unnecessary further testing, a view shared by the medical director of Intermountain Medical Center Breast Care Center in Murray, Utah, Dr. Brett Parkinson.

A massive issue with this alarming side effect is that the pandemic has had a detrimental effect on Cancer treatments across the globe. Whether it’s prevented people from making appointments, delaying appointments, missing vital check-ups and even delaying treatment, I believe we may have another Cancer crisis on our hands.

Meanwhile some women jump with joy that they’ve gone up a cup size or two, what the Pfizer boob job trend doesn’t address are the women (and possibly men) who feel a sense of dread and panic when they feel a lump that shouldn’t be there. Not only is this side effect causing concern amongst people but is also affecting health services. 

Society needs to be educated and made aware about the ‘less common’ side effects of these vaccines, as they already hold a stigma. Being made aware of sources that give advice on what to do is vital, as health facilities don’t offer free health care and already have a backlog of patients to see.

This article was written by contributing writer Malin Jones.

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