3 Reasons To Believe In The Power Of Prayer

 - nothing is possible without belief.allow it and surrender………

nothing is possible without belief.

allow it and surrender………

There are more than three, but for me as someone who’s prayed my whole life I find these three to be the most awesome and inspiring reasons to pray.

The ability to step outside of ourselves and relinquish control along with the ability to accept the uncertainty allows more room for awesomeness to make it’s way into our lives. This is a great way of looking at prayer. It’s exactly that. It’s the most powerful form of surrender possible. You relinquish the need to control the outcome. You give it up to a higher power and with faith and the belief of possibilities things are able to transpire.

When we resist we are not able to make room for greatness. I love the dictionary describes it as striving against. That is is exactly right. We need to strive, but in resistance we go against the flow. We are simply resisting what is rather than flowing with it. The key to life is letting it flow and learning to go with it. In Buddhism it’s known as the path of least resistance. This is the flow we should all be after. The one that allows for things to transpire as they are meant to in our lives.

Things will not always go your way, but you must learn to flow like water. This is why nature is so powerful. We must learn to adapt like nature. We must spend time in nature and better understand it. We have to have a deeper understanding and allow things to unfold. And then the magic, the beauty and awe in life appear before us.

Learning to go with it and surrender to all that is possible and to all that is out of our control is the first step to believing and tapping into a power that is much greater than you or I.

  1. Hope – having hope is great reason to keep going. Hope gives us a positive outlook on what could transpire. We are hopeful things will improve. We have inspiration to know it will get better. We can want more and hope for more. When we are hopeful things are better. Hope allows the ability to wish for me. We can want more out of life. And with hope at our side we have a feeling of expectation. Hope gives us aspiration. We have desire for more. We wish, expectation, ambition, aim, plan, dream, daydream, pipe dream; There is

  2. Surrender – This is one of the most powerful things in the world. It’s liberating for one, but it’s allowing cosmic flow to come in and bless us. Acknowledging there is something greater than you. Surrender is the greatest form of liberation. It’s utmost freedom. When we relinquish ourselves in total surrender we ultimately liberate ourselves. We set ourselves free. We give it up to something greater than us. There is power and great humility in surrender. Letting go is freedom. Knowing there is something greater with far more power than us is beyond liberating. When we allow hope to give us the strength to truly surrender then we are living into our power. May may see surrender is being powerless, but it is the opposite. Surrender is a powerful means by which we see things for what they are. Clarity is the abundant in the act of surrender. We see were are powerless. We see we are not in control. And we excercise faith.

  3. Belief – There is an underlying sense of faith. Knowing is the same as belief. It’s letting go of fear and doubt and all of the what if’s that hold us back and keep us from greatness. Belief is an innate sense of knowing things will turn out as they need to. Belief is the axiom where we know without a doubt what is possible in life. It’s the acceptance that our feeling is true or that something beyond us exists. Belief is total trust. It’s total faith. Belief is total confidence in this greater things.

Watch docuseries Belief shows are stories from around the world of people with an innate sense of overwhelming Belief in a greater power. All of the people featured in the movie are lead by Belief.

It was a series that showed intimate stories of yogis, sadhus, and preachers sharing intimate stories of belief. In the end the common thread was their overwhelming sense of belief in something that was greater than them and in control ultimately. They were in total surrender of their belief.

For a beautifully poetic book on the power of prayer check out The Energy Of Prayer: How To Deepen Your Spiritual Practice by Thich That Hanh.

There are so many stories around the power of prayer. As a Reiki Master I understand the power of belief and prayer because it’s an elemental energy we bring to the fore in that moment of prayer. When we are tapping into awareness there is nothing more powerful than prayer. Let it be your saving grace in hard times and in times beautiful times or if you just want to exercise a little gratitude to a power higher than you or I.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.