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The Race To Tour Space | Going Where Others Have Been Before

The desire to head into space is becoming more attainable for the wealthy who can afford to go where few have gone before.
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The race to tour space is on.

As Jeff Bezos came one step closer to returning to his home planet this week, people back on Earth weren’t too pleased with the richest man in the world’s actions. Granted, he’s not the only one to venture into space travel, but as the climate issue worsens alongside famine, poverty etc, space travel is probably the most pointless and offensive thing he and other wealthy elites could do right now.


As Jeff Bezos’ cold blood courses through his reptilian veins, wildfires consume people’s homes, livelihoods, animals and nature. Floods wash away towns and villages as heatwave warnings are given. How’s the view up there Jeff? A big factor towards the rejection of the latest space trip completed by Jeff Bezos is the environmental impact it has. Air travel already plays a big part in CO2 emission levels, so why should we look at space travel any different? Alongside Richard Branson and Elon Musk’s space travel ventures, it’s never been disclosed the amount of fuel it takes to power these brisk trips. But I think we can all assume it’s more than a tank full.

I think people, including myself, are getting to the end of their tether. When will enough be enough? It’s all well and good saying you’re helping the environment, illustrated by Bezos’s pledge to spend $10 billion on climate efforts, but we don’t know where that money is going and it’s only a drop in the ocean for him.

And to be honest, it seems like he only does this to please those worried about the climate. As they say, actions speak louder than words, and by God they do. Discovered last month, the UK was exposed to Amazon’s careless attitudes to their stock as 124,000 unsold items were labelled ‘destroy’ and set for binning. And that was only in a single week. 

Not only was this deemed as a major issue for the climate but also regarding inequality. As millions of people around the world suffered during the on-going pandemic (lack of books, computers etc), it made those with less see that the rich weren’t willing to help/support them when the tools were there.

It seems like these millionaires/billionaires are completely out of touch with reality as they live their decadent lifestyles, away from the real world.


It’s like we’ve gone back in time as we experience a modern space race. But rather than for political bragging rights, it’s a ‘who has the bigger wallet’ kind of race. And we’ve all seen your spaceship Bezos, or should I say Austin Powers!?

While the race to tour space is gaining speed let’s consider, do we need space travel? Maybe – but not right now. In my opinion we need to focus on the planet we live on before we decide to set up camp anywhere else.

Space travel is a rich man’s race. It’s a long way from being available to the public and as it evolves and becomes readily available, we’ll be seeing the likes of Kylie Jenner being awarded the space participation medal.


Whilst E.T is busy phoning home, what do us mere mortals do next? It’s unfortunate to say but the most active demographic of changing climate change will probably be impacted the most from all this. Whether it’s their lack of concern for environmental effects or the lack of compassion held by billionaires or maybe they just mistake unnecessary projects for starving countries (WE GET IT, YOU’RE RICH!), I think it’s safe to say that they’ll carry on being careless with their wealth.

We need to address not only the climate impact of these space ventures, but also the privilege held by those financing them. People like Jeff Bezos always win. Whether its avoiding being taxed fairly or gaining from the pandemic, as the world fuels his trip from Amazon orders.

It almost feels like we should give up as world leaders travel by private jet for the G7 summit to discuss climate change, but we shouldn’t! We need to drill into the minds of the rich and powerful that there’s only one earth and we’re running out of time and space.

Bezos, it’s fine, go to space, go back to your home planet. But know this, when you’re up in your phallic shape rocket for a mere three minutes, know that you’re looking down at a self-destructing earth where you have the money and the platform to do something about it, but you don’t.

This article was written by contributing writer Malin Jones.

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