fighting to keep our masks on or suffocating without them

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Some of us are fighting to keep our masks on and we are pleased with the updated mask mandate. It’s just what the doctor ordered.

Here’s a breakdown of the state by state mask mandate.

A few days ago, I was at a public event where there were many people wearing masks and even more not! The absurdity of such ignorance does not cease to amaze me.

The reason those of us who were masked continue to mask on is because we might end up suffocating without them!


Covid 19 delta variant is a genetic mutation that leads to the loss of function in primarily the lungs. This can cause complications in many parts of your body, including: heart, liver, and kidneys. Covid 19 Delta Variant is also linked with an increased risk for developing certain cancers. 5 things to know about the Delta Variant.

At first it was thought that the Delta Variant was a rare disorder found in about 1-2% of Caucasians and less than 0.5% African Americans.

And while it might’ve been thought to be rare, those thoughts are dissipating with lightning speed as the Delta variant is gaining momentum and spreading rapidly. The spread is so tenacious and expeditious that it’s even been called ultra fast. Note: This mutation is more deadly and easier to contract than its predecessors.


Doctors are getting creative with the new delta variant. With more and more people dying from this virus, doctors have to find a way to keep up with all of these patients. One doctor has taken it upon himself to create a protocol for the treatment of this deadly new disease, which he calls “Delta-B”. He is still in early stages but his hypothesis is that if given at the right time, Delta-B can provide immunity against the virus itself. Right now there’s no known cure for this fatal strain, so anything seems worth trying!

The severity of Covid 19 Delta Variant can vary greatly from person to person, as it causes problems with regulating water retention and sodium excretion in some people. This means that they may have trouble retaining salt or sodium levels because their kidneys are not filtering the fluids out properly. 


Vaccines are one of the most important medical inventions to come out in the past 200 years. They have saved millions of lives and continue to do so on a yearly basis. Vaccinating against covid 19 is vital to reach herd immunity which is the only way to slow the spread exponentially to a safe place.

The vaccine is safe irrespective of the myths created by anti-vaxxers that is potentially harmful. And while any drug during testing phases could have potential side effects enough data has shown it curbs the symptoms severely. Also those who have experienced any side effects from the vaccine itself had pre-existing conditions that lead to the symptoms they experienced as a result of getting the vaccine.

What we must understand is that even if there are side effects – medical data and science, facts and numbers, not hyperbole have proven that we are safer and less likely to contract the virus once vaccinated and even if we do contract it our symptoms are much less severe.

To better understand the problematic notion of not vaxxing check out our previous post on the psychology of the anti-vaxxer.


What will happen if we don’t all vaccinate especially with this new variant?

A horrifying future can potentially unfold. A virus that will continuing killing many more people.

As you know, the United States has been experiencing a measles outbreak. What if I told you that it’s only going to get worse? The reason for this is because many Americans are refusing to vaccinate their children against Covid 19. If we don’t do something soon, we could be in serious trouble! 

This is not just about you and your kids, it’s about everyone and everyone’s kids.

We are in the middle of health crisis and this is no time to take sides or play politics. This is about he safety of the world at large.


Getting the flu has never been so scary, right? Not only does it make you feel like crap, but now there’s a new strain of it out that is downright deadly and a new one that’s even deadlier, the delta variant. And if you’re unlucky enough to catch this bug, the best thing you can do is hope your family members are immune because it spreads like wildfire without warning. There are some things we should definitely not do when fighting off a deadly strain: don’t go to work unless absolutely necessary; stay away from crowds or people who may have come in contact with covid 19; avoid eating any meat products as they could be contaminated too; drink lots of fluids

Remember that there is no cure for Covid 19, but you can take steps to keep yourself safe from getting it or making your symptoms less severe


In the end, it is up to us to protect ourselves from these deadly viruses and that’s why the fight to keep our masks on must continue. We can do this by using common sense and being proactive with our health. Let’s not forget that we are all in this together – so let’s be strong for each other! It will take a village of healthy people to fight off these new strains of influenza.

Here are some final thoughts to consider –

If you do not feel well, call your doctor or 911 right away so they can get treatment started as soon as possible.

Stay on top of current news reports about outbreaks all over the world and be vigilant when traveling abroad if you can get out and in anywhere other than states right now.

I’m good with keeping it all shut. Yes. I believe in science and I believe in the vaccine and I believe this will take all of us coming together and not only thinking about ourselves, but everyone. We wear our masks not just to protect ourselves, but to prevent others around us from getting sick should we be carrying any of the variants of Covid 19.

Remember – you may or MAY NOT show symptoms.

And remember – for those who have done their noble duty and gotten vaccinated thank you, but continue to practice vigilance as it is now being confirmed daily that even those who have been vaccinated can contract this new deadlier variant, Delta.

Good news – if you are vaxxed – thank you and God bless you and good on you because while you can still contract the Delta variant you will not suffer in the way those who refuse to be vaccinated potentially will.

With your help, we can make sure that as many people as possible are fully aware of the dangers and know exactly how to protect themselves and keep others safe as well.

Good hygiene habits are essential.

Wash your hands often. Stay home if you can and continue the good fight to keep your mask on!

Be sure to report any symptoms right away. Of course I urge you to vaccinate and stop listening to the hyperbole of Q-Anoner’s and others who are into stories and narratives that are generally pretty far fetched and never based in science, i.e. facts and of course WEAR YOUR DAMN MASK!

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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