Using The Powerful Properties Of Aloe At Home

I had been looking to get an aloe plant after reading about all it’s wonders and powerful properties.

So through good fortune and the luck of a great family member – I was given an aloe plant that came from of all places Shasta. Yes that Shasta – Mount Shasta.

My Aloe Plant Came from this majestic place!

Mount Shasta

While Aloe has many powerful properties as it is – as an energy worker I know it’s arrival directly from the vortex makes it that much more powerful. This is not by chance that I’d receive an aloe plant from the vortex. This is very much serendipitous and in alignment with my beliefs that the universe is always matching our vibration. Always.


There are powerful properties contained in aloe and while there are dozens of benefits here are a few of the best ones in my opinion.

I REPOTTED ITAnd it’s loving it’s new home!
  1. Healthy plant compounds – the plant stores water in its leaves. And then that water becomes the gel we associate with aloe vera. Aloe vera is a growing industry, but obviously the manufactured forms of this wonder plant are a much lesser version of the all natural plant gel. There are literally bioactive compounds in aloe including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.
  2. Slows the aging process – studies show dramatic results in skin replenishment and even reduction of wrinkles. It’s a multi million dollar industry that continues growing and the cosmetic world is well aware of the benefits of this wonder plant.


I want more! So I went ahead and repotted it. This was the largest pot I could find. However I do plan on upsizing in the coming weeks. I’ll let it settle into it’s new home. And I can tell you it is thriving and flourishing immensely. I take such delight in plants getting and displaying there happiness in the rejuvenation of being repotted. They generally tend to be happier because that is us giving them the green light to grow and they glow. They want to breathe and flourish.


I use it as a face mask twice a week.

It’s absolutely marvelous. And I can see and feel the difference. All sorts of studies out there showing the aesthetic benefits of aloe. And in general it’s popularity in numbers is based predominantly in the cosmetic world.

Although it has been popular for years to treat scars and wounds, especially burns.

For some – like in the Indian culture who are big on ayurveda and the natives who also worked and lived off the land and understood the power of plants and the earth this little gem from Mother Earth has been being used for millennia.

And it’s especially powerfully to see it bloom and grow and want to give more. This is the beauty of nature. It’s always giving. Never taking. March 26, 2020

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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