Vacancy – A Whole In My Heart


Vacancy – A Whole In My Heart -It’s taken me three weeks to pen this.  It’s a penning of anguish I’ve not known.  I hope it will dwindle, but something tells me the pain will hardly subside.  Time does not heal all wounds, but only resounds profoundly.  There is a whole in my heart the size of Jupiter.  I’ve heard Jupiter is enormous.  The largest planet in the sky.  My pain is the largest pain I’ve felt.  My dearest beloved love has departed to majestic plains.  He did not depart to leave me half empty, but came here and left me half full.  He filled my empty with a love I’ve not known.  Nor do I intend to know such love ever again.  He worshipped me with a fervor I’d not seen of all the worshipped and worshippers I’d heard about, known about, read about.  Not that I ever intended on such worship, but it’s left me empty now it’s gone.  He guarded me with every breath he took.  He breathed me in and out with every essence of his being.  His only mission to love and protect.  His mission accomplished.  I love my dear sweet beloved soul with immensity I cannot begin to detail.  Together we will be again.  Now you come to me in my dreams.  Your angelic presence offers a higher level of comfort, but your physical absence leaves me anguished with each passing day.  In your wake I continue lost, lonely, aching, hurting.  I carry on.  Knowing we will together be.  I ask God to give you all of his glory for what you did for me.  The love you gave I will now take and give back to the world to the best of my ability.  I cannot possibly love the way you loved, but I’m better for it so I will do my very best.  This I promise you. How lucky was I to have you for all too short a time.  You came with a mission to love me till the end of time.  Mission Accomplished Akash.I will always love you from here and to the moon my sweet boy. 

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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