An Undying Love – Ever So Unconditional

An Undying Love ever so unconditional knows no bounds it is truly and abundantly ever so unconditional.  And with this knowing I profess I will never stop loving you.  Even when I exhale my last breath in this physical body on this physical plane, even then my love for you will not cease.  From this earthy plane my body will depart along with my soul and spirit accompanied by a broken heart.  My heart embodied within the elements of spirit and soul, I will take my love for you into the cosmos and galaxies and far away dimensions.  Floating along heavenly pastures and even there my love will continue to pulsate with depth of pureness and passion for my one true love, you, in this incarnation.  And then I will reincarnate in a different form and perhaps in a different physical space, but even then my love for you will pulsate on.  It is not up to me, but destined in karma from lives gone by.  It is cyclical and the wheel will turn, love will carry on, hearts still set ablaze and  magnified desire.It is in the absence of love or longing for love that we perhaps come to realize the full magnitude of its captivity over us.  It is in the missing and longing that we come to understand it’s sheer profundity.  In the not having and yearning do we come to feel the true power and pull of it.  It’s force over our very nature and essence.  Only then can we recognize the beauty of two souls in cosmic bliss preordained by a Divine power greater than they.  Only then do we truly exude our smallness in all its greatness.  Only then.For a scientific explanation breakdown of love check out these fascinating facts.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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