Victimhood Or Not? The Choice Is Ours.

Victimhood or not I ask? The choice is ours. Our story no matter how unique, painful, grand, or mercurial is truly of our own choosing. While we are very much victims of circumstance and things happen to us, it’s our reaction to those things that creates the bigger picture, the whole story. We can choose to be plagued by our shortcomings and allow that to be our story. Or we can rise up through adversity and let that be the story we choose. It it truly up to us. None of us are just simply victims. This is part of the evolutionary process. The idea is to see that we are a collective consciousness and every one in life is met with challenges. Having that awareness allows us a depth of understanding we may not have when only focused on ourselves and our attention always permeates inward. The world is grand and much larger than just us and our problems. When I was much younger my problems very much were at the fore of who I was and how I went about in the world. However through my decades of soul searching I’ve now come to understand my problems are not just simply my own, but as a greater expansion of my energy and karmic fields. My problems are not just my own, but affect those around me and even more so, my reaction to those problems may have even greater impact on those around me. Our problems are not our own, but a sounding board for our entire universe. These problems have come from manifestations of my own doing and from perhaps existences before this one. I bring them to my awareness and then create more awareness through them by responding powerfully or as a victim. How will I respond to the injustices of the world? Will allow the unfairness of hate and bigotry and ignorance poison me and make me bitter or will I see these sad people with eyes of compassion? Will I feel sorry for myself or will I use the pain to catapult myself to a place of higher awareness? Both options are mine for the choosing as they are yours. Which will I choose? Which will you choose when the world is harsh and unkind? Will we fall prey to victimhood and lower frequencies or will we elevate our being and rise above the pain? I didn’t always, but now I do. I choose to rise above it. There is a part of me that is so pained that I am at a place of gratefulness for all the pain. Perhaps I can be a master of this reincarnation here in the school of life? Perhaps I can suffer greatly now and learn and have remorse and sorrow so there will be less in later incarnations. Oh is it possible that I’d every be so lucky?

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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