Chaat Cravings Satisfied at Vik’s

While Indian food reigns supreme across the vast Bay there’s a famous chaat house, Vik’s that has been cranking out Indian appetizers and full on grubs fore several decades now.  Vik’s might just take the chaat cake.  These guys are crushing it here on the west coast.  While I don’t love the samosa chaat or even the papdi chaat they get my vote and get me frequenting with an incredible pair of speciality dishes I have yet to find west of the Indian Ocean.  The Chaat scene here runs deep.  Super Deep.  The masses come.  The following is perhaps more vast than the Bay itself.  People from all over have ventured into Vik’s.  It’s the little Twilight Zone/Heaven of Chaat here on earth.  The massive warehouse space is loaded with people, hundreds at a time, lined up by the dozens for their chaat fix.  Yes hundreds.  Not much more to say here.My favorites are the lamb baida roti – OMG – this thing is off the hook.  It’s flour with egg cooked over a tava – a  flat open ended pan – with minced lamb and onions and cilantro served with a chutney.  See image below.DSC00435Second favorite – the chicken kathi kabob.  Parantha style chapati or roti, but on the doughier side with chunks of curried chicken also with onions and cilantro served with the mint chutney – to die for.DSC00440I have yet to find another place in the entire bay area, South, North, East or SF that serves either one of these.  Downside – these two aforementioned favorites are “speciality” items and only served on the weekend. 🙁 DSC00437DSC00441 

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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