Healing Energy To The Honorable Thich Nhat Hanh

While I’ve had many a sage, master, teacher, guru Thich Nhat Hanh has perhaps singlehandedly played the most significant role in my awakening thus far.  I’m an avid follower and believer of his gentle Buddhist teachings and philosophies.  He speaks from the heart in a most eloquent and soft way that touches and transcends at the core of us.  All who’ve listened to him and his outpouring of love and wisdom are moved in some remarkable way.  With millions of followers around the world it’s evident he has a way of capturing hearts, but not just capturing them, transforming them.  If it only were an assignment from above that each and every one of us on this planet would have to take instruction from this man the impact would be profound and we would be all the better for it.  We’d most certainly be more compassionate, this is his primary teaching and train of thought.  At the end of the day I think compassion is lacking in great enormity.  If there is one thing this world could use more of, it is compassion.  Compassion makes us all better and teaches us to live in unity.  Compassion teaches togetherness, oneness and empathy.  There just is not enough of this in this world.  I can say with total assuredness the world would be better if we exercised more of it, individually and collectively.I’ve read several books by the enlightened Hanh and do my best to take tidbits of his teachings into my daily routine and carry the wisdom through my days the best I can.  In the end his message is clear.  It is about love and compassion.  And all who have taken his message to heart are in turn more empowered and better for it.I’ve been keeping my dear Sage Hanh in my thoughts and prayers as he has been recovering from a very severe stroke.  He is going through treatment at UCSF as it is home to the top heart surgeons in the world.  He has been here for several months from his home, oasis and Buddhist Teaching Center Plum Village in France, sent here to recover.  The good news is he is making progress in his recovery.  The stroke was severe, but in recent days and weeks he is turning a corner beginning to move a little and even making efforts to speak.His millions of followers around the world have all been sending prayers, love and blessings his way.  It is the least we can do for the gift of such a wonderful Sage.  How much better we are for him, his love and teachings.  It is the very least we can do.  And as I’ve expressed and believe adamantly there is power in prayer and there is power in numbers.  With so much love and hope being directed towards him and obviously his ample good karma of sharing the powerful message of love with the world I’m confident he will recover fully.  He’s in his 80’s now, but prior to the stroke had no intention of slowing down.  Perhaps it’s his love of life and love of people that just kept him going all of these years.  For those who have read his works and know first hand the profound message he has come here to deliver we know how fortunate we are to have learned a lesson in compassion and love from such a remarkable teacher.  Humility is another one of his incredible traits.  He always says he is so lucky and so blessed to be able to share this message, but in all honesty I think we, his disciples are truly the lucky ones.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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