Why Indigenous People Deserve This Day

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The sacrifices made by the land’s natives are far too great to calculate or write about, but here’s what we can say, but with that opening we’d like to say – Happy Indigenous People’s Day.

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Indigenous People’s Day | Photo by MESSALA CIULLA on Pexels.com

The Natives of this land to whom it belongs sacrificed not a little, not a lot, but everything.

Imagine being robbed of your livelihood? Not just your land, but your culture, your stature, your heritage, your rituals – all of it was taken from the Natives. This is not up for debate. The Natives had been here for at least 15,000 years.

How dare anyone other than a Native proclaim this as rightfully his or hers? This land has belonged to the Natives for millennia, always has and always will.


I remember always being perturbed at the history books I was subjected to in my younger days. The nonsense, the absurdity with which the Natives were painted and tainted as savages, when it was the colonizers who were the real savages. These brown people were just living peacefully on their land when it was occupied and taken over. What greater atrocity is there than this?

The irony of the Columbus falsehood is comedic. Christopher Columbus didn’t discover America. He was lost. And happy to see humans. And his limited thinking had him believing that all brown people must be East Indian. He was grateful to have hit land after his tumultuous rapture at sea. And the absurdity is even more grand. He was so entitled and so egotistical in thinking he had found India. The preposterous tale then became known as American History and millions of kids have been fed this jargon here in America ever since alleging all fake credit to Columbus for the discovery of America. How does one discover something that was discovered 15,000 years earlier?

There is a movement underway to rewrite American History books so they more accurately represent the factual truth of America, the good, the bad and the ugly.

This old and false narrative has served the good of the colonizers and their ancestors for hundreds of years. The credit was given to Columbus to make room to sway the story in a way as if he had discovered something and by way was entitled to it and made others entitled to it, but really he was lost, confused, hopeless and wrong. He landed in America. These were not East Indians. They were Natives of the land. The land was theirs.


The real story of America has nothing to do with Christopher Columbus. No. He did not found America. America was steeped in culture and rituals, native know how that is so beyond anything most practice here today, unless they are Natives.

The land belongs to it’s people and those people were here before anyone else. They did not come by ship. They were not the riders of the Mayflower who tried to lay down some sort of stake. They were from here. Born here and would die here. They understood and revelled in the glory of this land. The majesty of the North America was theirs to behold, until…..yeah yeah we know what happened next.

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Happy Indigenous People’s Day | Photo by Jens Johnsson on Pexels.com


It took 46 presidents to mark this huge milestone in our history and this huge attribute to the native of this land. Biden is officially the first President to honor Indigenous People’s day and he deserves great praise for his wokeness in this regard.

Late last week President Biden issued the proclamation marking Indigenous People’s Day a national holiday.

It takes a depth of understanding, knowledge, intellect to understand the gravity of the atrocities and to understand without painting it over with falsehoods that appease the millions who are anything, but woke. You know what they say. Ignorance is bliss so when you are hell bent on believing something and if someone feeds that belief you are appeased, you can live in your blissful state, ignorant, but blissed in the not knowing. So we give due credit to Biden for not feeding into the lies and not downplaying the sacrifices the Natives of the land made.

Oh and did we mention he cries. Yes. A man who cries, is not afraid to show vulnerabilities, and can still be the most powerful man in the world, yep, you guessed it, President Joseph R. Biden.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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