YES! YES! YES! I suppose this could be a page full of yeses for how ecstatic this makes me.  I’m excited about the obvious show of strength, courage and bravery by our politicians.  It’s an incredibly overdue sign of progressive thinking.  I think this might be my Jupiter in Aquarius, but I’ve always been big on justice for all.  I’m an avid believer in Love and the power of Love.  Love really can conquer all.  Love really is no match for hate or ignorance of any kind.  I’m really not one to judge.  My many years of self reflection have shown me vividly the insecurities I possess and how we are all truly made of the same cloth.  Who am I to rob someone of their beliefs and ideals?  Who am I to tell you who you can love?  I think when we turn it around we see the absurdity of it in all its grandeur.  Why has this issue even been up for debate?  I understand all of the religious dogma that supports such backwards thinking, but it is no longer 500 B.C. or A.D. for that matter.  It’s 2015.  The same way man has progressed technologically we must begin and continue to progress socially, psychologically and spiritually.  The gay rights issue should’ve never been a debate to begin with.  The same way I believe there should be no Zoo.  It’s unconscionable to push our agendas on people, the same way it is unethical to lock animals in cages.  We are progressing and this is a huge sign of it.  I’m beyond ecstatic that Love need not fight anymore.  If it’s Love you want to spread and not hate than by all means we should all be allowed to love to our heart’s content regardless of someone’s color or creed or biological makeup!!!To learn more about Lesbian Gay Bi Transgender rights you can visit the Equality Federation website.  A great resource.  Another great place for info is the American Civil Liberties Union online.807667_1280x720120508_gay_marriageSupreme Court Gay Marriageap_ap-photo1481-e1435240881630-640x480

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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