Another Sunday Reflection

1021That time of the week again.  Another Sunday designated in my book for reflection.  It just has been more and more the case the older I get.  Also a lot of my reading which in many cases focuses on inner work and self discovery tends to be a big proponent of self reflection.  So for me Sundays are not so much a religious day of keeping sabbath or praying and fasting, but of reflecting and introspection.  It seems a good day of the week to look back and get in the groove of a little mental prepping for the week dawning ahead.  It does go hand and hand with being the religious seventh day theory, but instead of religion it’s more about the practice of spirituality and being ritualistic.  I’m sure to make time to sit in silence, read a little or sometimes a lot.  On a really great Sunday the entire day pretty much is designated to reading.  This may be the case whether I’m close to home or away.  Sunday seems to be a really good day for me to get into high gear with tapping into knowledge and a depth of my most beloved philosophies and believes delivered to me by my favorite authors, poets, philanthropists, inventors, gurus, sages and teachers.  If I’m not able to spend several hours reading I’m sure to get at least 30-45 minutes in, I’m sure to write a little each and every Sunday, always my inward reflections externalized.  It’s a technique I took up after reading an article on successful entrepreneurs and how they started and ended their days and weeks.  Reflecting and writing were some of the core practices for most of them.  It really does do wonders for getting back on track and geared up for what lie ahead.  Well for now I just do my little ritualistic Sunday thing. Oh and I forgot I always spend a few minutes meditating on what I’m grateful for.  It is beyond essential so I’m always a few feet above any deep dark depths of despair.  Those gentle little reminders of what is good in our lives do wonders for our spirit and souls.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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