Walking Away From B.S. – How To Turn Away From The Bullshit


There are two ways of doing this. There’s a powerful way and not so powerful way. And ultimately the choice is ours.

We have options. We are free to choose. So how I roll is with powerful communication. It shouldn’t be only a rare occasion good enough to leave them guessing.

You never want to show anyone all your cards.

Most time leaving people with food for thought is a much powerful way to be so it’s up to us. How do we walk away from B.S.

  1. First and foremost we choose it. We decide it and we do it. We don’t owe lengthy explanations to people. And we cannot teeter between this world and that world. That only sends mixed messages to everyone and leaves us caught in the fray and confused. Not a powerful way of being. If we walk then walk clean. Cut the cord.

  2. Say your peace. You don’t have to hit below the belt, but liberate yourself from future hurt. Let them know in a peaceful and powerful way, why. Say it with grace you’ll have a much greater impact. Let them know you care about them if that’s the case and let them know your sincere feelings. Let them know without making them wrong, but let them know.


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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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