3 Things You Must Do For Self Nourishment


So there’s this notion that self-nourishment is all about food.

We can nourish ourselves in so many ways and not just related to food. Our soul is what I think of when I think of nourishment. And yes the soul absolutely can and absolutely should be nourished with hearty grains and fruits and veggies. However there is another form of nourishment the soul craves and hungers for.

That’s the deeper kind. That’s the soul food and soul love
that can be done in so many incredibly powerful ways.

  1. Loving ourselves with great inspiration and positivity is one awesome and super powerful way of nourishing our soul. Feeding ourselves with great insights and wisdom from the sages and Gurus who came before us truly an exceptional way of feeding our souls.

  2. Nature is another profound way

  3. Love and Connection – Having deep and profound heartfelt connections is such a beautiful way to nourish ourselves.


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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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