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To Infinity and Beyond in the realm of Universal Intelligence is the magnificent idea of our limitless potential.  As a seeker of higher truth for more than two decades now I’ve explored a lot of different modalities. Universal Intelligence being the most simple yet sophisticated and formidable mechanism of finding our inner truth and tapping into our higher self.  The concept of Universal Intelligence suggests that we are all capable of accessing our super conscious.  The average human being uses 10% of his or her brain capacity while our potential is truly limitless.  Universal Intelligence is the understanding of all creation being based in energy and thought.  Whatever we think we truly become.  An idea begins with a thought.  Before it was in existence, the light bulb was merely a thought.  A brilliant thought, but just that, a thought.  It was a thought that then lead to a series of more deeper sophisticated thoughts that lead to energy fields and thoughts that manifested into an actual physical tangible luminous light bulb.  Imagine that?  Yes it began with an initial single thought.Universal Intelligence allows us to gain great awareness by getting to the surface of our existentialism and tapping into the layers of our subconscious that create self-limiting beliefs.  We are truly more than capable of greatness.  It is only our self limiting beliefs that keep us from it.  Once we understand this, and understand our potential we become limitless.  It suggests that through stillness and asking our higher self  or our intuitive self the answers are there within us.  Universal Intelligence is the understanding of ourselves at a much deeper level to inevitably understand all of life’s big questions.  When we access that part of ourselves and go quite and simply ask our body responds through our intuitive self.  We have to learn to sense feelings and what our body and mind is saying to us.  That is accessing all knowing super consciousness.You’ve heard me talk about Dr. Joe Dispenza and his popular book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” good reads gives it 4 stars, not bad out of five.  It’s a similar concept.  It’s accessing that other part of our minds we don’t actively access.  It’s the idea and understanding that we truly can manifest a different and greater reality purely by changing our thoughts.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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