Assad Needs To Go – We Must Help Syria

Assad Needs to Go and Why We Must Help Syria.  While I’ve thought about the appropriate response to the recent chemical attack in Syria I’m reminded yet again how a great deal of people are self absorbed and oblivious.  While I’ve read dozens of articles on the most recent attacks, it’s the comments that leave me puzzled.  I’m interested in information and knowing what is going on and I’m fascinated with how we receive and perceive information and news from around the world.  A lot of the response to the recent attacks in Syria has left me in sheer horror at the lack of empathy from so many people here at home and around the world.  For one I’m utterly disgusted at the response of the current American president who I do not name here. I’m not for a second falling for the tainted act of power disguised as compassion.  The U.S. airstrikes were conducted for two reasons.  First – to deflect from the President’s own bad press and the FBI’s investigation into his ties to Russia.  Secondly – because he can.  An ego of his caliber leads one to do things most of the time with little thought, preparation, empathy or tact, but just simply because you can.  He has the power to; so why not?  “Might as well I suppose” perhaps he thought before making more ill use of his overwhelming power and over inflated egotistic authority.  The interesting element to this whole charade is that if Putin and Assad thought they were friends with America’s sitting President, they are certainly pondering their kinship and taking another closer more keen gander at their so called friendship.  He will use anyone and everyone for his own gains and when push comes to shove you better believe your asses will be grasses and hurled quickly under the fastest approaching bus.  If launching 50 Tomahawks onto a Syrian airbase will help deflect any heat off his back then watch your backs Putin and Assad.  Much like his twitter rants and blabs the U.S. strike seemed very reactive and hardly thought through.Now to the human aspect of Syria and why I’m sickened by the handling of this.  For those Americans who want to talk shit and discredit these helpless people and their horrific circumstance as just another “it’s their problem” response well guess what selfish people, it’s not “their problem” and that response is obnoxiously  unacceptable.  When innocent civilians are being gassed and attacked it is a world problem, a human problem.  This problem is yours and it is mine.  We as humans should be appalled and horrified.  If the U.S. really cares it will be tactical in ending the catastrophe in Syria.  I believe in a similar fashion as the snatching of Osama, Assad’s time has come.  He is beyond worthy of a good late night, early morning pitch black Navy Seal snatch up.  He has overstayed his welcome and overplayed his evil hand.  Assad needs to go.  I truly believe with him still in power the end will not near us anytime soon.  There is a lot of confusion now with what is going on in Syria.  Civilians are revolutionizing and rebelling.  With no outside aid or assistance in their mostly decimated villages, with mortar shells and midnight raids taking the last of their loved ones the rebels are left no option, but to take on Assad’s men one by one.  We call them rebels, but what choice do they have?  They have to fight for their own lives and the lives of their loved ones.  These people are not  fighting for territory or religion.  They are simply fighting for life.  The only way to begin a ceasefire is by taking Assad and letting his militia know and understand what the U.S. is capable of.  And for those who believe and claim Assad has nothing to do with this take a closer look.  When a ruler of a nation sits back and watches his people being gassed, if he is not responsible for the gassing then he is responsible for coming to the aid of his people.  Assad does not claim responsibility, nor does he aid his people.  This must be hypocrisy of a new day and new order or Assad is behind the horrors that are claiming the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in every corridor of Syria.  I know for a fact if Americans were being gassed in their own country we’d be looking at our commander in chief for answers, safety and asylum.  More than four hundred and fifty thousand people have died in Syria’s perpetual never ending war.  Some accounts say over a million.  And more than a couple of million people have been forced to flee leaving bordering countries with a new crises; where and how to house all of the refugees.  Hundreds of thousands more are fleeing daily.And now to address those who do not believe the U.S. should have any part of this I guarantee if we were under siege and attack and being gassed we’d want the world or the powerful and capable among us on a global scale  to come to our aid and rescue.  We are not a separate people because of our color and creed.  Geographical happenstance does not and should not bequeath a blind eye to the misfortunes of the east.  Nor can we  separate ourselves from others simply because of greed.  We do not get to be free and have everything and access to the greatest air power, nukes and missiles without merit.  We are all humans.  The Syrians are our fellow humans.  The world does not revolve around America and Americans only.  We have a noble moral ethical duty to our fellow man.  Enough already.  We cannot just sit in bliss and safety and pretend anymore that this is not going on.  It’s going on! And claiming men, women and children in it’s wake every minute of every day.  I sit back thousands of miles from Syria in utter despair.  I sit with discomfort in the comfort of my safety.  How do I help? What can we do?  What should we do? What are we doing?  These people need help and we must come to their aid by any means necessary.  I hope and pray D.C., those of the lot who are experienced with foreign intelligence know-how and military expertise not the new elite are working on one hell of a strategy, conjuring up a really good and methodical way of sending a strong message to Assad and his dictatorship.  He needs a loud resounding “No” and there is no better more powerful country than the U.S. of A. to send him that clear and precise message.  America for the love of God, Please go get Assad.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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