Owning It and Taking Charge

Owning our stuff is one of the most powerful ways to take charge of your life.  We digress.  We divert.  We don’t always live fully in our power.  We must remember we are mere mortals.  We are flawed, imperfect, and yearning for greatness.  We all long for something more.  We all long for something greater.  It is in our owning that we acknowledge our shortcomings.  In that acknowledgement we transcend our self doubt, our limitations and restrictions we place upon ourselves.  We are our own worst critics.  And that’s ok.  However we have to know we are self critical and that we are worthy of fixing, bettering, enhancing and evolving.  That is the essence of our very nature.  We are here for one thing.  Our primary purpose in this life is not to acquire a bunch of stuff.  It is not to have some big title.  It is not to make a bunch of money.  And while all of these things are possible and we are more than worthy and capable of greatness these should not be the measure of our life.  We are here to evolve.  This is the most powerful thing we can do in this incarnation.  Our soul’s evolution is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and all of those around us.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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