At Cafe Gratitude With My Girl – Berkeley

Cafe Gratitude is one of my old haunts.  I’ve been going here for many years and it never disappoints.  It’s the original bay area raw food joint and heavily prides itself on purity.  The food is truly pure, raw, fresh, organic and divine.  I’ve had most of the menu pretty much and a lot of times will just pop in and out for a green shake/smoothie concoction, not just any green juice, but one you will only find at Gratitude.  On this particular day I resorted to one of my favorites – the BLT.  No not a traditional BLT, but CG’s version of a vegan BLT.  The Gratitude BLT is heaven on earth in all it’s splendor.  It’s a vegan BLT with spring mix, tomato, avocado and the bacon is shaved coconut bites dusted in cajun spice nestled in 9 grain bread.  It really is a wonderful blend of flavors, textures and goodness.  This is one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had, by far the best veggie or vegan sandwich without question.  I’m not talking veggie burger, that’s a whole other animal in itself, but in terms of sandwich, traditional sliced bread sandwich, this one delivers substantially.Cafe Gratitude uses all fresh organic locally grown produce.  Breads are also from local bakeries.  The menu boasts high grade nutrient based dishes prepared in a gourmet fashion.While Cafe Gratitude can run a little on the pricier end, not over the top pricey, but not cheap it really does deliver.  Cafe Gratitude offers workshops and classes on healthy living and sustainability.  Definitely worth a pop in.Berkeley’s Cafe Gratitude is the flagship location and where it all started however the bountiful CG has been making moves and now boasts several locations in Southern California.And of course there’s Cafe Gratitude Santa Cruz – love this location.  Couldn’t think of a better city outside of Berkeley for another Cafe Gratitude.For more on Cafe Gratitude check out the site.Trust me.  I know my grubs, but for more reviews.

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