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bstar1bstar2bstar3  Ok so here’s what you’re looking at.  We ordered a lot of food for two.  Me and my little nephew Dylan who was very apprehensive (his first time eating Burmese), but of course trusted me fully to ensure lunch was awesome.The B-Star lunch menu really rocks because you can get an entree and a side of your choice – side portion is smaller/ half the size of a regular side on the appetizer menu, but proportionate nonetheless.Of course knowing me we ordered more than enough=extra.  Also always good to try a little something extra so I’m sure to know what’s up when I recommend, come back or dining at a different Burmese fusion spot.  Nothing substitutes or equals expert foodie like the compare and contrast method.In the first image – you have the Pork Belly Taquitos – we ordered two, one each – this was the extra, but we devoured them first.  Delicious and delightful – The taquitos at B-Star come three ways – Pork Belly, Seared Tuna with ginger (shoulda, coulda, woulda – next time) or Mushroom.  They are mini tacos – big for mini – loaded with the fixings – fresh mango, onions, green papaya slaw, and guacamole.Second pic – of course had to get my favorite – one of my favorite B-Star dishes – Chicken & Shrimp Biryani.  This mouth watering delight packed with flavor has peas, apricot, ginger, toasted almond, egg, cilantro and basmati rice.  We did this with the Platha dipper side – Platha is a crispy and flaky Burmese layered flatbread with a light curry dip.  YUMMM!Third picture is the Garlic Noodles – another absolute favorite of mine – ingredients: green onion, cucumber, garlic, fresh onion, infused garlic oil, chili sauce and egg noodle with Chicken or – vegi option with zucchini & mushroom.  We did this with the fresh vegetable spring rolls for our side. The spring rolls have tofu, basil, mint, cucumber, green papaya, carrot, zucchini, portobello, peanut & hoisin sauce.  Yep.B-Star the sister restaurant to Burma Superstar is a total matchup and equivalent of the superstar.  A superstar in it’s own right.  Reasonable pricing – the lunch dish with a small side – $13.  Taquitos – $5.50.

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