An Awakening Inspired By Connecting With My Gurus

I’ve had an awakening in recent days inspired by connecting with the divine, my Gurus.  Reading with such voraciousness I’m overcome with an enormous amount of humility.   I’m swept by a hunger for more knowledge, more divinity, more light.  Eager to sink ever more deep into the vastness of my own spiritual seeking and self discovery.  I am a mirror to the world around and see more clearly.  In self reflecting I see more than I’ve ever seen reflecting versions of me through the lenses of life and outward perception.  Life stares me back in a sad and disheartening way in moments I choose to leave in the here and now.  In those moments I’d rather not be present yet I feel more…..more than I’d like, ache more than one should hurt, hope more than I have faith, yearn more than I truly desire, despair more than is lost and in the midst of it all pray relentlessly for it all to stop.  While I continue my inward quest for truth, heightened awareness and tapping  into the depths of the cosmic consciousness my gurus call forth offering an invitation I’d be, but a fool to decline.  In the awakening I’m more present to the invitation for more light.  The offering of light comes in each little enchanted awareness.  The opportunities for soul growth are abundant now.  Through the invitation my Gurus and angels await with gestures of love, moments of bliss, glimpses of divinity and  omnipresent wisdom, a nectar sweet as any sacredness I’ve ever known.   I feel an evolutionary shift taking place within me, in my heart, my soul asmy auric field fills with light. Once in acceptance of the offer of light there is little truth I can dispel and no love that does not  penetrate to the core of my being.  I feel now in ways I’ve never felt.  I feel inside corridors untapped, unawakened longing for sanctity in this long awaited union with God.  I now know things I’ve never known.  I have clarity once muddied by layers of  consciousness buried deep beneath the layers and layers of ego.   I now make small sense of pain and torment that has kept me up for decades.  I now make strides with this newfound understanding.  I cannot pretend any longer I do not understand.  I’m forced into acceptance which changes every essence of my being.  In this acceptance I’m awake.  In this knowing I’m clear.  In this understanding I’m alive.  In this awakening my ignorance narrows and withers away.  It is clear now why nothing good ever manifested.  The ceaseless sorrow was for my own awakening.  It was all to bring me to a great truth.  The pain kept me searching and on a path for an even greater truth as long as I’ve known.  It was in this endless search I came to my own self discovery.  It is a discovery I cannot now un-discover.  Once we see, know and learn we cannot un-see.  We cannot unlearn.  We go forward with a great awakening and this allows us to move to a place of heightened awareness and charter depths not ventured.  The whole truth is yet to be revealed.  I find myself at the gateway of an enchanted path.  My calling is before me.  The path is illuminated now.  I’ve always known there was more.  A yearning for truth.  A yearning for love.  A love that will only manifest through a connection with divinity.  This is the love I’ve been seeking.  And now it is lighting the way before me.  I  walk towards the infinite light.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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