Beyond The Great Beyond – The Evolution Of Jim Carrey

Beyond the Great Beyond – The Evolution of Jim Carrey.Every so often a very special person with command, presence, passion, determination and a profound calling comes along.And that person is the exceptional actor and now acclaimed artist Jim Carrey.While I’ve always been a fan, I’ve never admired him quite the way I do now.  It’s a process to know and grow to adore someone, but an even greater process to come to revere someone so dearly and with such awe.  No undulation directed his way.  Only respect.  His larger than life persona and wisdom gives him the air of a self-proclaimed guru, but his humility gives him the adoration of millions the world over.Jim Carrey is that profound human being not just the comic relief and not just for his wowing art that screams #IMPEACH and other political innuendoes and not even for being a self-made man.  Carrey gets respect for his higher awareness and profundity.  Being a profound seeker.  He truly is on a whole other level.  If you listen intently to the words, the innuendos, the riddles the underbite it is prolific. He’s contemplating his next big move in every euphemism he professes. He makes no qualms about it.He understandss life from the level of Universal Intelligence.  He understands the power of manifestation profoundly and through first hand experience.  He also understands life and the layers and how we are here for our soul’s evolution.  He truly believes and lives from a place of soul evolution.  Conscious.  Aware.  Always evolving.Before he had signed a single Hollywood deal he told himself he was going to be famous.  He had set his sights on greatness.  He wanted to be not just famous, but the most famous comedian in the world.  He became that and one of the highest paid celebrities in Hollywood.  Not only did he profess and claim it he wrote himself a check for ten million dollars. And as it works so the universe would have him sign his first movie deal for exactly ten million dollars.  His wish granted and manifestation materialized.  Just like that.  Focused intent is a powerful thing.That check went with his father in his casket three weeks after receiving it.  He wanted to make his dad proud and even though his dad didn’t get to see the extent of Jim knows he knew and his dad’s spirit today knows the extent of his fame.So this is not about a self-made man, but an evolved man with a profound calling.  While Jim has touched greatness with his acting career and stardom beyond slightly famous.  Jim has evolved into a profound artist with the prowess to move, inspire, antagonize and awaken millions of people to a never relenting message for this administration to get its shit together or get out.His vocalness sets him apart.  Then there is the really profound Carrey who communicates telepathically who has evolved way beyond the fame.  He’s accomplished and he’s wanting to touch something else now.  He knows all too well that there are other plains and realms far greater then celebrity that he has touched and wants to keep touching.  He’s lucid in his speech.  At times even fatalistic.  The world needs his light and I’m hoping he’ll stick around and share his wisdom with all of us seekers, all of the lost and all of the other hopefuls.He is unique in not his craft, but his message.  He is profound in his evolution.  He’s way beyond being famous.  He knows there’s so much more to life, his life than fame.  He’s bored with it now and tapping into his inner artist with great vigor and his inner guru with great humility it seems.Check out Jim Carrey’s awesome art that speaks volumes to the times we are living in. 

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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