Holiday Blues

Yep that time of the year again.  The holiday blues seem to have kicked in a few days early this year.  Literally hours before black friday that melancholy feeling had set in.  There is something about Christmas that just doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore.  Or perhaps it just doesn’t feel like how Christmas should feel or how it used to feel.  As much as I love the holidays there seems to be an overwhelming air of commercialism and consumerism taking over Christmas.  Are the Holiday rush, black friday, cyber monday the new grinches that are stealing our Christmases?  Growing up Christmas was always about family, egg nog, baking, making ornaments, crafts, wrapping presents, building little angel tops, gingerbread men, but especially women if I could find them.  I always ask for a gingerbread woman at the bakery even when I see it’s clearly “a man.”  Whatever.  My little feminist way of standing up for the under-represented or unappreciated of the world I guess.DSC00589Holiday blues are here.  I’m melancholy.  I think it’s also just that time of year when you go out with a bang, put on nine pounds in the middle of your new exercise regime.  We come up with new resolutions for a new year that we probably won’t stick to and we’ve gotta get ready for 16′ when I was just finally getting used to writing 15′.  🙁   Christmas seems like more of a branding and selling op for retailers than a festive season where everything is warm and fuzzy and people are joyous, happy and dare I say nice.  When I was little Christmas was about Saint Nick, carolers, ‘A Christmas Story’ and Charlie Brown.  It wasn’t about shopping and buying, long lines and traffic jams.  It was sweet and warm and fuzzy just like Christmas should be.  I’m vowing to do my little part by making sure I keep Christmas as Christmasy as I am able.  I’ve kicked the season off in a very festive way by picking out the perfect tree with my oh so darling little nephews Cameron and Dylan.  We struggled for about three hours getting it to stand, we baked cookies, we laughed with tears in our eyes and clapped in unison,  high fived and group hugged when we finally got the darn thing to stand on it’s own.  It was momentous to say the least. Now that’s my kind of Christmas.  I’m determined to kick these Holiday Blues before the Holiday season is through.     DSC00587 

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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