The Colin Kaepernick Sit Out

The Colin Kaepernick sit out is quite the talk of the town these days.  There are few places I’ve been able to go in recent days where I’ve not heard the whispers, rumbles and grumbles over a young man taking pride or taking a stand, making a point, or causing a stir over sitting out the national anthem.There is a deeper message here that seems to be all together missed.  This is not about patriotism.  I’ve had the conversation numerous times now and there are many people who do not feel patriotic or prideful and sit out the national anthem, but because they are small fish in a big pond they snorkel away unnoticed.  This guy however is really taking the heat and a beating over his decision to sit.I personally am not offended by it, but that’s just me.  I’ve talked to many people who are and at times the arguments are just based in brash entitlement.  I had an interesting point of view posed the other day which was…..while they did not disagree with the point he was making perhaps he could have chosen a different forum or method, mode, means to making his point.  The point maker suggested being as famous as he is he could’ve reached out to any media outlet anywhere really and asked for a few minutes of air time and made his point.  And while this is a valid point and valid reason of questioning, I on the other hand questioned  Kaepernick’s intellectual ability or perhaps lack there of perhaps the reason behind him not choosing a different outlet.  A media source might require he speak in a more thoughtful and thought through manner than making a thunderous objection by his shear inaction.  What I did not know is that Colin Kaepernick is quite the smooth talker and can hold his own on the mic just fine.Nonetheless, he instead chose to sit in protest, sit in silence and create a rumble that would evoke emotions and opinions from coast to coast.  I personally think his conscientious objection to the anthem speaks volumes and roars layers of depth to a system that has sat back and sat down way too long.Good for you Colin.  That takes guts being the only guy to take a stand or a seat in this case.Despite all the backlash there might just be a silver lining here for Kaepernick read up on it here.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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