Let’s Practice Compassion – We’re All In This Together

Let Us Practice Compassion.  We’re no different. We are really all in this together. With the vantage point of seeing the world as a single consciousness all interconnected we gain clarity on what it really means. We are all in this together. Each and every one of us struggling, challenged, pained, suffering and just trying to get through it. While some of us will want to dig deeper and gain greater clarity on why, how, when and what it all means others will forge through without any need for deeper understanding. For me life has always had deeper possibilities and I’ve always inquired about the real meaning. I’m not able to just accept things as they are or at face value, but know there is a deeper lesson in every struggle, every challenge and every obstacle. I may not figure it all out this time around, but having some sense of deeper purpose gives me more reason for inquisition. Why am I here? How did I get here aside from the physical scientific explanation? Where did I come from? No, not the simple my mother’s womb response, but a deeper questioning of where I came from. What other reincarnation brought me into these troubles and challenges? How do I evolve and better myself to gain higher awareness in this reincarnation for my soul’s highest evolution? These are questions we should be pondering because these are the questions that lead us to the awakening that each and every one of our souls’ is truly longing for. We all in the end really are searching and seeking some greater truth whether we speak about it, ask about it, explore about it or confront it.We are all in this world and manifested into one another’s realities for a reason. Each person I believe who is set on my path is there for a reason and for a greater lesson. Each friendship, relationship and encounter is for our learning. We have a choice. How will we see the world and those around us? How do we approach life? Are we inquisitive? Do we search for greater meaning? Do we see the inter-connectedness of everyone? Or do we come from a place of “me?” Is the world all one collective consciousness that all correlates to one another? Do we see how energy manifests through our actions? Do we get that when we are nice to someone and spread that energy the universe sends that energy back to us? It’s a karmic exchange. What we do unto others surely will come back to us. How we treat people plays a hand in our ultimate outcome and reality. When we are mean to people we are not happy and encounter obstacles. We struggle in a very superficial way versus seeing the world and life from a deeper perspective. Our obstacles and challenges are not to make us bitter. They are to make us whole. They are a part of us and our reality to make us better. They are to make us smarter and wiser. We are to use life’s ups and downs as a metric system for understanding peace and happiness, love and joy, pain and sorrow. We all are in this together, doing the best we each can with what we have. Let’s see our fellow human beings as one of us and with the lenses of love, kindness and compassion. It’s why we’re here. We owe it not only to those around us, but to ourselves for our own highest evolution. Compassion is the greatest and most powerful attribute to a higher awakened state of oneness.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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