Encounters With The Divine

Encounters with the Divine are available to us in this very moment.  God is everywhere.  Within, all around us, inside us and out, in every form, in every breath we take, in every knowing we experience, in every ounce of life we breathe in and out we are in communion with God.  It is our awareness in the power and magnitude of God’s presence that brings it to the fore in this incarnation.  When we awake to this we heighten our awareness and come alive in a way only possible through an intimate connection to the Divine.  In connecting with the Divine I learn of the Omnipresence of not only God’s existence, but of my own.  This is one consciousness in all it’s vibrancy and fullness.  This is an energy that is infinite, all knowing, pure consciousness, fully alert and fully available in each and every breath we take.  The Omnipotence of God is what the Sufi’s revered and the ultimate thread of our very essence.  It is in this knowing and feeling the Divine is awakened within and all around us.When we live in the belief that God is everywhere and in everything we begin to experience life through love and light and in ways that only God makes available to us.  In seeing everything through creation we get the interconnectedness of each and every atom, cell and being.  Life comes alive.  Our senses are heightened.  Our intuition is truly, God whispering the answers to us.  Ask and listen and you will receive all of the answers to life’s big questions.To learn more about Universal Intelligence and how to access all knowing pure consciousness.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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