Hidden Rage – An Ugly Time In America

Hidden Rage.  It is an ugly time in America.  Thanks to an awful dictator at the helm.  A conversation I’ve been having in recent days on a regular basis is over the rage and ugly that is coming out of a lot of Americans.Our dictator has given Americans the green light to show their crazy.  And boy are they showing it.The relentless stories of little minority children selling water having the cops called on them, thanks “Permit Patty.”   Patty says she regrets it, but she went there nonetheless.  Watch the video here.A little half white half black boy having the police called on him while delivering the newspaper.  No name for the assailant here.  And when I say, assailant, I’m not referring to the innocent little boy trying to make a dollar.  The assailant in this scenario is the person who called the cops.  Then several weeks back we had “Barbecue Becky”.  A white woman who felt entitled and compelled to harass a group of black men barbecuing at the lake in Oakland.  Lake Merritt is in the heart of this great city and home to hundreds of thousands of barbecues over the past decade.  Becky just came to town.  Bad idea Becky.  Things didn’t go Becky’s way.  Check out her breakdown here.“Burrito Bob” called bart police on a man eating a burrito on a Dublin train.  While this incident was not racially motivated Bob definitely showed us his crazy.It’s a new day here in the states.  The most disturbing of them all a 92 year old Mexican man accosted told to “go back to your country” and beaten with a brick.  The irony here, by a black woman.  So while it’s not all racially motivated, it’s all very crazy.  We’ve been given the green light.  We’re being lead by a crazy tyrannical dictator and the message that is sending to our people “Hey let me see your crazy.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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