I Got In That Hybrid And Never Looked Back


I got in that Hybrid and never looked back.  I was being pulled by a cosmic force.  

The universe propelling me in a direction, unknown, but luring.  Lured in, I was receptive, curious, inquisitive, uninhibited.  I took a leap of faith.  

In the believing we come to know that it was the faith in the first place which lead us to believe.  Without faith we can render ourselves broken in ways we’d deny until the end of time.  

What was it that had gnawed at my soul?  What was that I’d come here for?  Which way am I being pulled?  Not tugged, but pulled.  

Universal Intelligence seemed the obvious decipher between the two worlds. There was an intelligence greater than I working inside of me.  

Leading me to a place of synchronicities.  I was being called and lead.  I was being guided.  

They say it’s inside.  We know.  Our own truth always lies deep inside.  We just have to get quiet to hear it.  

We all know that inner part of us that speaks our truth to us.  Your higher self perhaps?  

It that all pervasive knowing.  That intuitive force that is greater than our own awareness.  It’s a knowing that is linked to the cosmos.  

It’s God consciousness.  There is always an antenna between God and I.  God and you are connected beyond your wildest imaginations.  You just have to get quiet and then the audio gets louder.  

It’s totally audible.  Loud and clear you can hear the voice.  The inner, outer intuitive voice that you cannot lie to.  Listen.  It’s saying something.

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