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The concept of time travel, whilst an exciting one seems to be a world away from its inclusion into real life. A concept brought to life through your favourite movies such as ‘Back to the Future’, the time travel/future life genre has begun to change. A comparison from the 80s, believing in flying cars etc to current movies which focus on humans’ negative effect on Earth, the fantasy and joy of time travel is disappearing. 

Over the past few months, so-called ‘Time Travelers’ have taken to social media or other various media outlets to share their stories of our unfortunate future. Some have tried to ‘predict’ or inform us of events through videos and sharing apparent photos of the future. But why are all these ‘time travellers’ appearing all at once? And why now?


Time travel, a simple concept to explain but a complicated one to execute (if even possible). In simplest terms, it’s when you’re able to travel forward and backwards through time. A concept enjoyed by film makers, most recently appearing in Avengers: Endgame, time travel seems to already have its own set of rules without being an actual thing yet. But maybe it is? If you’ve ever gone down a YouTube hole at 2 a.m. you’ve most likely stumbled across videos along the line of ‘Top 10 Images proving time travellers’ exist’ etc. 

One of the most famous being the man ‘caught’ in ‘modern’ clothing in a picture from 1941, as well as a video from 1928 of a woman seeming to be talking on a mobile phone. Both pieces of ‘evidence’ have since been discussed and debunked. But it’s always fun to imagine.

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But that’s the past and we can’t go back (or can we?). So does 2021 have any time travelers? It appears so – and many. Many are taking to TikTok to share what they know and to warn us of near future events.

One user going by the name ‘aesthetictimewarper’ claims to be from 2714 and has taken to the platform to share what will happen on exact dates. A recent post claimed that on August 11th 2021, “there will be a very large meteor shower that lasts for two weeks, it will be seen in the northern hemisphere, containing the Nozic message”. Basically, meaning that aliens will land.

Another, named ‘futuretimetraveller’ claiming to be from 2491 says that giant aliens will arrive on earth in 2022. They will have a “distorted appearance” and their arrival will spark war with humans.

Other ‘time travelers’ have gone to media outlets to share their stories. One time traveller, known as Edward states, that he has photographic proof of the future as the images show entire cities underwater due to climate change. Claiming to be from the year 5000 (internally singing Year 3000 by Busted), he says he was a part of a top-secret time travelling experiment in 2004.


Those were just a few time travelers to recently reveal themselves but why are so many coming forward now? And is it real? I think the easiest answer is no, it’s probably not real. To me I think it’s just an online fantasy persona people like to adopt to make things interesting. I think especially since lockdown – I think a good example is the TikTok user @unicosobreviviente claiming to be from the year 2027. They’ve shared videos of deserted areas such as clothing stores and the city of Valencia in Spain. No humans seem to be around, yet the internet and electricity still works…hmmmm…suspicious. I think this user is using lockdown to create an almost apocalyptic environment. As if Thanos snapped his fingers.

What seems odd to me is why would time travelers go to TikTok to share this information. Yes, it’s a platform used by millions but it’s a platform for light content, things that aren’t taken seriously. So, a piece of advice if you’re a time traveller and want to be taken seriously – don’t post on social media.


The idea of having time travel in our near future is completely out of the question. Whilst we may have some forms of time travel e.g. planes it’s not quite to the standard of living out our Marty McFly fantasy. But will it ever be possible? I’m no scientist so I’m not going to try to make sense of it all but apparently “Einstein’s theory allows for the possibility of time travel, but the science of dynamics means that the underlying sequence of events cannot be tampered with”. I think we’ll let the scientists deal with this one.

This article was written by contributing writer Malin Jones. 

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