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Lollapalooza Confirms The Vaccine Works

Lollapalooza thought to be a super spreader event offers confirmation the Covid 19 vaccine works.


Lollapalooza is a party of epic proportions. The biggest rockers and musicians have graced the stages year after year.

And they did the same this year. Only little issue is a fast spreading variant known as Delta that is hell bent on catching as many as it can and unleashing havoc on the immune system.

In the thick of a pandemic what can we expect from an event like Lallapalooza that brings a few hundred thousand people. This year’s event drew 385,000.

Sure they were outside. That’s an exceptional start amid a public safety health crisis. And sure many of them were vaxxed. However they were in close proximity. Touching. Leaning. Breathing and very likely head bobbing, singing and spitting unintentionally of course on their concert going cohorts.

Who knows if he’s vaxxed or if she’s vaxxed or who’s actually vaxxed. And yes while I may be vaxxed, but if you have delta and even if we’re outside and you’re breathing on me the likelihood of me catching it is hardly slim.

There is great certainty of astronomical proportion that I very well could and will contract Covid 19.

The fastidiousness with which Delta is spreading is cause of concern. And an event as massive as this only magnifies that burden.

However there is good news out of this in its aftermath – the positive side of vaccinating shows that most who attended the outdoor event were vaccinated and this is essentially what warded off a potentially otherwise catastrophic outcome. The beauty of this is the confirmation we’ve all been waiting for – Lollapalooza confirms the vaccine works.


We seemed to be getting a hold on Covid 19. We were opening up again as the country began receiving vaccines.

Uhh – minor little hiccup – about half the country seems to be uninformed, uneducated and to put it bluntly, selfish.

With this sort of attitude and without a mandate herd immunity may never happen. Stubborn people who take this as some sort of political or constitutional debate, a threat to their freedom may end up learning the hard way.

There is nothing that is going to rob you of your freedom quite like Covid 19. This is the irony of the absurdity and dare I say, ignorance.

The event lined with people ear to ear went on irrespective of trepidation in the beginning by health care professionals who warned from the start it is the perfect recipe for disaster. And very likely would amount to a super spreader event.

However the positive result is the confirmation that we can vaccinated large portions of the population to aid in the safety of us all.

So as the days since the concert last week wear on – we await growing numbers.

Two days we were at a 100 known cases of attendees who caught Delta and now are sickly. Which in the greater scheme of things adds proof to the pudding. The vaccine works and it is necessary. Let it be mandated.

Let people be upset, but let them understand this is not about only them, but the safety of us all.

Mind you just these 100 will spread it to at at least several hundred more, potentially even thousands so that number will grow, but not as exponentially as it would have if most of the attendees were un-vaxxed.

Yale Medicine explains Delta for us here.

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This should come as no surprise and it truly vexes me that it does – the anticipated outcome is thousands of people not just attendees, but friends, loved ones, colleagues and strangers will contract Covid 19 now as a direct result of events similar to Lollapalooza if the majority of attendees are un-vaxxed.

By golly – you don’t have to have attended the concert in person to contract it from someone who did. After rocking out for a few hours and potentially contracting the virus even if your vaccinated with little clue you are now a carrier who might end up going home to mom and dad, dining in somewhere, hitting another bar cause you’ve got a little party left in you and it’s anyone’s guess how even just one Lollapalooza concert goer can potentially spread it to countless others.

This very decisive and indicative fact seems to be amiss for the anti-vaxxing community. The stubbornness born of ignorance and a lack of knowledge coupled with a foolish commitment to remain uninformed and ill advised. How stupid it is to not rely on circumstantial evidence that lay before you while the numbers of cases and deaths continues to amass all around you. Wokeness is a real thing. Check it out.

The psychology of the anti-vaxxer explained.


Let the mandates rollout. One after the next Anti-vaxxers, Q’Anon theorists and the uniformed including public officials are finding themselves in quite a quandary. As the numbers continue growing and hospitals continue stacking up patients there is presumably little argument left. This is clearly an issue of what is the best and good for all.

A poll by USA Today and Ipsos shows a majority of Americans are now starting to believe mask and vaccine mandates are necessary.

This is a huge step in the right direction. A majority of those surveyed are all for mandates unless it’s a medical or religious reason.

Conservative Radio Host Phil Valentine who was anti-vaxxing and anti-masking later came to regret his beliefs after contracting Covid 19 himself. Today he died from the virus and is being remembered by his thousands of fans. Sad to use the passing of someone as an objective to change opinion, but hopefully a few of his fans will now rethink their own falsely held misconceptions of the deadly virus.

With more and more people continuing to contract Covid 19 and with little sign of this fast spreading Delta Variant slowing down without mask and vaccine mandates it’s beginning to look like more and more states are taking measures like imposing the mandates for the common good.

Ahhhh – what a world it would be – if we could all just step outside of ourselves even just for the moment and think of those around us.

In a world as loving and selfless as that – we might even reach herd immunity. Now that sounds pretty darn awesome don’t you think?


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