When Life Fails You Turn To God

When life fails you turn to god.  This is what I’ve come to understand about the grandeur of life.  Life is meant to test you.  Life will leave us awestruck and dumbfounded all in one fell swoop.  It is my connection to divinity that is the single thing in the end that has gotten me through it all.  It’s the awareness of omnipotence that does and has offered solace.  It’s the yin and yang of life that allows deeper understanding.  It’s the ups and downs and knowing God or a Supreme Being is on both ends of that good or bad.  It’s that understanding that allows for compassion.  It’s in the moment of helplessness and in that understanding of a a Super Supreme Being that I’m offered hope, love and trust in what lie ahead.  It’s knowing we have to have bad to appreciate the good.  It’s perhaps the humility that the bad offers that keeps it all in perspective.  Without humility and through ego we end up being totally mislead and lose sight of the why’s and hows of our shortcomings. After so many hard knocks my only means of hope is a belief in an afterlife, in salvation, the definitive end of a karmic payback.  It is only when life tests us we look to the profundity of life.  It is in the contemplation of the difficult that we find power in God and the necessity to surrender to something so much bigger than you or I.  We must come to understand divinity and the lessons and evolution it can provide us.In wanting to learn this is the revolution that this is why we here.  We are here to understand from each of our unique lessons and challenges.  Our struggles and obstacles will only make us stronger.  Learning from them is the very essence of our soul growth.

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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