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Happiness seems to be one of the most sought after and at the same time most elusive things we can get our hands and hearts on.

We all want happiness. So why in the heck is it so darn hard to attain? And sure we all have moments of happiness. Slighted moments that are cut short when we begin to circle back to the longings, yearnings, superficialities that dwell within each and every one of us, but I’m talking about sustained happiness.

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The feeling of happiness that lasts, that is authentic and wholehearted and sticks around.

We’re not after bouts of happiness, minuscule touchings of joy, heartfelt nano seconds of cheer, but happiness that is constant.

That feeling of being truly happy.

Why is it so darn hard? What are we made of and why are we so bent on sadness, victimhood and traits that keep us from grabbing and grasping and holding onto happiness? Why can’t we learn to grab it, get it and keep it?

According to Harvard Magazine the Science of Happiness includes jargon like – “The professional jargon includes recurring words like flow, optimism, resilience, courage, virtues, energy, flourishing, strengths, happiness, curiosity, meaning, subjective well-being, forgiveness, and even joy.”

This list while I agree with it all comes from the famed Dr. Fred Luskin who has spent several decades teaching the power of love, gratitude and the biggie, forgiveness.

So let’s consider that perhaps our feelings of pain and victimhood and holding on to resentments from yesteryear potentially have something to do with our longterm happiness or lack thereof.

It’s inevitable the downtrodden live in a world of hurt and sorrow. So the polar opposite of this is the grateful trade their sorrows for inevitable happy tomorrows.

This is not an opinion, but science based data driven fact.

Grateful people are happier. Those who work to stay inspired or hold passion for a hobby or an end goal are happier. They have staying power cause they are continually looking on the bright side and they are yearning for more. They are seeing a reality that is far greater than their current circumstance. They are working towards growth and some form of prosperity whether it be monetary of psychological, but something is feeding their souls.

According to Dr. Fred Luskin after decades of teaching this very thing and talking to thousands of people there is a simple equation and a few minor little things that each and every one of us can do that will keep us happy longer.

We can settle into the joy of sustenance and get comfortable knowing the definitive attainability of it. It’s tangible. It’s doable. It’s reachable. So stretch and begin with these simple offerings of wisdom and guidance from a prolific light who shines on us and who we should be grateful to ever come to know.

  • Care A Little More About Other People
  • Care A Little Less About Yourself
  • Complain A Little Less
  • Exercise A Little More Gratitude

To bring it home here is Dr. Luskin teaching in light filled poetic prose and loving wisdom the power of forgiveness.

Dr. Fred Luskin On Forgiveness

Let this year be one that allows you to spread your wings and fly and soar to the heights of your imagination and overflow in love to your hearts content.

Happy 2022!

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