Standing Rock Sioux – History Repeats Itself

Standing Rock Sioux might be coming to find history generally always repeats itself. While a Washington D.C. judge this past friday ruled against the Standing Rock Sioux lawsuit protestors and activists continue holding out hope.  They are optimistic still because the U.S. Army Corps of engineers has held off on issuing permits to dig on federal land near or above the Missouri River above the Standing Rock reservation.  Their second reason for hope is the government has agreed to get input from tribes on how to better create  infrastructure to spare the land, ensure sacred lands remain sacred and once constructed contaminated water doesn’t make it’s way onto the reservation.The hopefulness of the native people speaks volumes to their grace and character, their dignity and resolve.  However it’s disheartening the unwavering, persistent and relentless efforts of the multi-billion dollar conglomerates who promise to  forge ahead minus empathy.This is yet another example of entitled takeover with little to no regard for human dignity, religion, sacred tradition and space, rituals inherently profound.  Entitlement knows no boundaries.  Does not play by the rules.  Does not play fair.  Entitlement is based in a fundamental ideal that does not rely on facts and is not concerned with an ulterior viewpoint.  Entitlement is based in agenda and motive that comes from a deep seated sense of superiority and misguided righteousness.  Entitlement historically speaking has not taken no for an answer.  Entitlement does not back down and back away, but may even become enraged at the thought of not getting its way.  Entitlement has no limits and is used to the guarantee of victory.  Entitlement is not based in rationale, but a small little window of thought that propels it forward despite the absurdity of its ways.I pray in this scenario the absurdity of entitlement’s rigidness can be open and willing to compromise.  It’s not surrender, but a compromise.  The Standing Rock Sioux are asking Big Corp to work with them to come up with a solution that will work for everyone.  To read more about the Sioux follow this link. And when there is a willingness to listen and exercise compassion a compromise is the most powerful thing that can be accomplished.  The Standing Rock Sioux have spent generations honoring and protecting this land.  They have their dead buried here.  The land has been a sacred space of ritualistic worship and honor for lifetimes and we must all honor that.  I hope and pray the Standing Rock Sioux will be heard, understood and respected with compromise this time around.   It is “ALL” there land after all.  They’ve been forced to  surrender of most it and now what little they have left should remain their sanctuary to hold as sacred as they deem.View the many faces of the Dakota access pipeline here.no_dapl-holding_the_line-courtesy_honor_the_earth  

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Sue Dhillon is an Indian American writer, journalist, and trainer.

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