Not Alpha Omega | Just Alpha | The New Variant

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The newest strain is here. Brace yourselves Alpha is the newest form of corona virus and it is just as deadly as its predecessors. How is different? And what should you know about it?

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Why Panic Buying Sucks – So Cut It Out

Panic buying sucks. So cut that shit out. I mean it. I truly do. I’m approaching this differently than most. I get that. I’m hopeful. I’m being powerful. I’m staying optimistic. No I’m not dismissing this as some little random happenstance. I get this is a full blown pandemic. I get that I’ve been ordered […]

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My Feelings On It – How I’m Approaching This

As a writer and an inspirationalist – I’m taking this two ways. I use my Reiki and years of self work to allow me the level headedness in any stressful situation. I’ve never had a panicky personality. When you’re in the news business high stress intense situations are par for the course. After all as […]

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