My Feelings On It – How I’m Approaching This


As a writer and an inspirationalist – I’m taking this two ways.

I use my Reiki and years of self work to allow me the level headedness in any stressful situation.

I’ve never had a panicky personality.

When you’re in the news business high stress intense situations are par for the course. After all as a news junkie and former network journalist you lived for breaking news.

And I assure you had to keep your wits about you if you were going to decipher details and info to deliver in the newscast.

And yes the current situation and pandemic is really unprecedented, but in life there will always be high stress situations and opportunity for panic.

We really can’t escape it. Nothing is ever perfect and nothing is ever going to just go our way.

However there is that famous saying that suggests – it’s not what’s happening but how you react to it.

And this is very much the case today and for the foreseeable future. We’re on a two week shelter in place lockdown.


The powerful way forward does not allow panic to see in. I’ve heard from numerous sources and had my own first hand glimpse of shelves empty at Target.

I know supermarkets are running out of a lot of what most consider essentials – milk, juice, eggs, bread……

Irrespective of the low stock or no stock I’m not going to expend all my focus on the notion that there won’t be any for me.

There’s no power in this mode of thinking. None. I promise you this way of thinking and deprivation mentality serves not a soul. All it does is puts us in an actual state of panic making matters worse.

And the residual effect of hundreds or thousands of people panicking and stock piling as much as they can shows us the sort of selfish world we live in.

No the world does not revolve around you or I. And no we are not going to go hungry. And yes it’s ok to leave some for the others.


Living into your power for me looks like this –

I am learned, reading and staying on top of what is going on. This is not obsessing on it and reading ample yahoo news. This is not my go to news source. I’m relying on sources more credible then the sensationalism yahoo provides. It’s nil in my world. I don’t need it.

And yes I’m staying on top of the shelter in place orders and how this will effect me. How long it’ll last? The basic info.

The rest of my time once I take the few minutes to catch a headline or a needed update – I’m writing and reading more prolific and useful things.

So being extra vigilant is very important. I’m not here to dismiss any fears of mitigate this to some tiny little thing that’ll just blink and be gone with the bat of an eyelash. I get it. It’s more than that, but again life will present hard times, struggles, challenges and pandemics. What is the powerful way forward I ask?

Be vigilant. Know the facts. Take extra care and precautions. Yes, but don’t obsess and don’t panic buy and don’t feed into the fear. That mass hysteria will only spread and make matters worse for all of us.

The second thing I’m doing is using this time powerfully to nurture my soul and fill it with love and light. I’m leveraging this time to write and read. I’m stepping up my meditation and breathing exercises. I’m getting into nature. I’m amping up my self care. I do this for my soul and a few extra rounds of breathing are the perfect way to step up the vigilance. Rather than panic the power lies in my hands and my ability to ensure I’m healthy and won’t get sick. Of course there are never any guarantees, but between my Reiki, yoga, nature hikes, and meditating I’m pretty confident.

Again the energy and attitude you put out there and our innate belief in our own resilience and staying positive makes a difference. Let’s not focus on the negativity too much and actually attract what we fear. Yes this is an actual thing.

So as we get through this and I promise you we will let’s use the time powerfully to come out stronger and wiser.


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